Written by Darren

31 Jan 2006

hi i posted last year abot my sister inlaw and my self fucking. well just before last christmas ..we did it again. it came about when my brother inlaw had to go into hospital to be monitered for 48 hours ..nothing serious , i drove him and my sister inlaw to the hospital made sure he was settled in then drove her back home, ...i naturally went into their house for coffee when we got back...we were sitting there chatting away , it was the first time we had been alone together since we had fucked each other over nine and a half months earlier..i asked her if she ever thought about what we had done , she said of course , i didnt think she would say yes but for a laugh i said would you do it again...she looked at me ..grinned and said ..i thought you would never ask ...she said give me a moment and went to the bathroom, when she came out she called me upstairs ...i went to the bathroom to freshen up and made my way to her bedroom..she was lying on the bed with her bathrobe on ...i kicked off my shoes and got on the bed beside her..it wasnt going to be the frenzied fuck like last time , this time i was going to savour every moment..we started kissing and i slipped my hand inside her robe and started playing with her nipples...tweaking them and rubbing them , she had her hand on my crotch rubbing me up on top of my jeans...i opened her robe and she was naked underneath, she took the robe off and told me to undress, she was looking at me as i stripped and when my cock was exposed she said oh yes and took a firm grip of it , i pushed it toward her and she slipped her mouth over itsucking and slurping on the head... i was fingering her warm wet cunt as she was sucking me...i just had to get my cock in her hole...i lay her back down and buried my tongue deep into her pussy.holding the lips wide ...looking at every part of her cunt ..she was pushing herself onto my mouth whilst holding my head , i guided my cock toward her hole ..she opened the lips with one hand , took my cock in the other and fed it into her, i slipped the whole length up with one push.. she was sopping, she had her head threw back as i was fucking her and i was watching my cock just plunging in and out of her , her cunt looked great as my cock was pushing those lips apart, we kept up a slow steady fuck for a long time until she was gasping and saying that she was going to cum. well that just sent me over the edge, as she was cumming on my cock i was spurting my cum up her as deep as i could, pounding off that lovely swollen pussy, i stayed with her for another couple of hours, fucking her wet cunt once again...i cant wait for the next nine and a half months to come around again.