Written by max

5 Jan 2006

Was writing this story for my brother - who likes to hear of my screwing around.

I was relling him about Y who was another story - she fucked like a bunny - had a beautiful pair of tits and lovely suckable nipples - really up standing - for her age!!

Our Sister rang me one day to see if I could get a battery for Y's car - as - worked for a car accessory firm - I said I would drop over and have a look at her car to see what battery it needed. Sis took me down to Y's house and introduced me to her - I had a vague recollection that I had met her before - but couldn't remember - I thought she looked a bit of alright - nice figure and nice breasts!!

I had a look and said I would drop a batt: over the next evening from work- said I didn't need for Sis to be there. Next evening I dropped in with it for her - I had booked it in my name so it was really cheap - and fitted it to her car - she invited me in to wash my hands and for a drink while she got her money. We chatted - she knew I lived on my own - she asked about my place - I was telling her about the home made wine that I had and made - she found that interesting and said - she would like to see all my wines. So I said OK - lets go now - it was about 6.30pm by this time.

It took about 30 mins for me to get home - showed her the wine and gave her a couple of glasses. One thing led to another and in no time we were kissing bigtime - deep throat - I had my hand inside her top and under her bra and on her breast playing with her nipple - which was really erect - and the other hand down the back of her jeans - playing with her arse - she was really moaning and panting and rubbing my cock throught my jeans making it harder. She pulled away and asked if she could have a bath as she hadn't washed since that morning. I quickly ran her a bath and left her in the bathroom while I poured some more wine - she had left the door slightly open.

She called out to me for her drink - so I took it up to her - she told me to bring it into the bathroom - she was laying on the bath covered with bubbles - I could just make out her nipples peeking through - I sat on the loo and we chatted - she then said would I like to get in with her - fuck me - I was stripped in a flash and in at the opposite end - she then brought her legs over mine and pulled her self really close to me - her hand went under and I could feel her fingers wrap around my cock and gently she began to roll my foreskin back and forth over my knob - you have such a lovely prick she said - I was playing with her lovely breasts and kissing the nipples - they were really big and erect - she could have got away without wearing a bra under her tee shirt or top! - her breasts were really firm and perfect - best I think I had ever seen!!

We started kissing again and she then eased forward wrapped her legs around my waist and lowered her self onto my erection - slowly and gently my cock was soon buried deep within her tight cunt - she was tight!! God - I said you - have such a tight pussy - and you have such a big cock - she said. She said she hadn't had a cock in her for such a long time - thats why she was so tight. I put my hands under the cheeks of her arse and slowly lifted her up and down my erctio cock. It was a bit awkward in the bath - and the water didn't help to lubricate my shaft going in and out of her cunt.

We got up out of the bath - and dried off - she wanted to dry me off and knelt down and dried my legs and penis - she then worked her mouth over my cock licking around my bell end and gently nipping with her teeth - then slowly taking the full length into her mouth - I could feel my balls against her lips - was very erotic - was nealy cumming - but managed to hold back. She tongued my knob end - running her tongue all around my ring - I was really near to shooting into her mouth - and told her so.

She wanted me to wait and I eased off slowly. I told her it was now my turn - she stood up and spread her legs wide apart - I went down on my knees and buried my face into her pubic hairs - parting the hairs and finding her cunt lips - I then played my tongue around and finding her clitoris - started gently to kiss suck and lick it - she was trembling and moaning - I pushed a finger inside her cunt and I could feel her start to lubricate - I then gently eased the lubricated finger inside her anal hole - she moaned even louder and started to jerk into my face as I sucked on her clitoris and ran my tongue over her cunt lips and I knew she was about to cum - with an almighty heave she shuddered as she orgasmed - her cunt was really wet and juicyas she came.

She quickly jumped back into the bath and I washed her cunt and anal hole for her. She really enjoyed that! She said that was really great - and it was one of the best orgasmed she had for a long - long time - even when she masturbated herself - I said - my pleasure!!

After she had dried off we went into the bedroom - she said it is now your turn - and going down, again, she sucked my semi erect penis in her mouth and started giving me a blowjob - rolling her tongue around my bell end and nipping my frenum - getting me hard again - which didn't take very long - she wanted me to fuck her doggy fashion. She got onto the bed and knelt at the edge - her arse and cunt pushed right back at me - I couldn't resist running my fingers into both of her slits - she wriggle back onto my fingers and said how lovely the sensation was. I fingered her cunt a bit longer - getting her juicy - while I played with my prick - wanking it to keep it hard.

I eased her legs a bit wider exposing more of her cunt and anus - then I gently moved forward so my knob end was just touching her cunt lips - she was moaning again with this - I then slowly eased my knob into her cunt - slowly getting the bell end passed the tight ring and then eased slowly into her - she was gasping agaiin - and saying how lovely it was - I eased in a bit more - then wrapped my arms around her body - searching for her swinging breasts - carressing them and finding the nipples - playing with them until they were really hard - she was loving it and asking me for more cock - I slowly pushed in further until I could feel my balls resting against her buttocks - she was gasping and moaning a bit and I asked if she was OK and that I wasn't hurting her - she said no - keep going it is so lovely having a cock again buried deep inside of me. I plunged in and out of her juicy vagina and she moved back on to me setting up a rhythm. I could feel my foreskin riding over my knob end each time I pushed in - nearly coming right out of her cunt. She kept asking for more - I could feel myself coming and told her so - fill my cunt with your spunk she squealed - and I did - with a massive explosion I filled her hole - I could feel it oozing out around my prick and running down around her arse and legs. It was really great - one of the best fucks I had had in ages!!

We cleaned up and lay on the bed recovering - after a while I played with her nipples - kissing and sucking on them - fingering her cunt - inserting three fingers inside her swollen lips and gently gave her a second orgasm - after which we cleaned up again - and then I took her back home - with the promise of seeing her again. She gave me her phone number to contact her - I use to arrange to see her on a regular basis - we use to fuck each others brains out - what a performer she was!!