Written by Amy

19 Jan 2005

I had my Son pretty early in life when I was 20.

Now I’m a 40 yr divorcee living on my own, with only my Son for company and only then, when he’s back from Uni.

I try to keep in shape and still consider myself to be attractive women. Since the divorce I decided I couldn’t be doing with a regular partner so I often just go in for causal encounters, hence the reason I know about this site.

Anyway, I decided to throw my son a 20th birthday party as it fell during the Xmas break from Uni. It gave him the opportunity to get together with some of his friends from back home that he hadn’t seen much of recently.

To cut along story short the party was a big success all his old mates turned up, including Jon a very cocky, young man that my Son had been friends with for many years. I knew Jon had, had a crush on me in the past, but he was always far too young, immature and spotty not to mention a friend of my Sons to think of in that way.

It was at least a year since I had last seen him, the spots had gone the cockiness had made way for self-assurance and he had obvious developed in to a tall rather handsome 20 yr old man. I commented that Uni must have suited him, He just smiled a sheepish smile and nervously laughed, I knew then, that he still fancied me. The difference now being, I got turned on at the thought of Jon finding me attractive.

At the end of the night, my Son was as pissed as a fart and had staggered off to give his girlfriend a quick drunken fumble somewhere. He was supposed to help me tidy up! Jon who had hung around until the end offered to help me give the house a quick tidy before he left.

Once we had emptied all the beer cans way and got rid of the fag ends I told Jon that would do for now and thanked him for his help with a peck on the cheek. Jon responded by kissing me passionately on the lips, I pulled away a little shocked at what he’d done.

Jon began apologising saying how embarrassed he was. He began to walk to the door. I rushed past him to block his path, it was now or never. I kissed him again, this time on the mouth, slowly at first, but then I became more passionate exploring his mouth with my tongue. As I did I could feel a bulge in his jeans grow, I stopped kissing him and dropped to my knees. I began unbuttoning his flies. A rather impressive cock leapt out at me. I pulled the foreskin back and began to lick the purple end; this had the effect of making the already large cock grow even more. I’ve had some cocks in my time but this was something special. I licked up and down the shaft, stopping only to suck on his young balls.

I couldn’t believe what I was doing. If my Son had come in now all hell would have broken loose. At this moment I didn’t care, all I wanted was to feel that wonderfully large cock deep inside me.

My pussy was dripping; I led Jon upstairs to my bedroom. I pushed him on to the bed; I got rid of his trousers, pulled down his pants. I hitched my skirt up and pulled my thong to one side, I couldn’t even wait to take my clothes off, I wanted this big tool inside me straight away. I then lowered myself on to this mammoth weapon. He told me later he’d once measured it and it was a little over ten inches. It fucking felt like it too!!

I rode up and down on it for what seemed like forever. I looked down on his little face he had his eyes closed he looked to be concentrating so hard on not coming,

He had nothing to fear. I could already feel my pussy tingling with anticipation of the approaching orgasm.

I could feel the pressure of the orgasm building up each time I grounded my hips and impaled myself on Jon’s huge dick. I told Jon I was nearly there. The relief on his face was wonderful, he let himself go, coating the inside of my pussy with his spunk right on cue, as the wave of ecstasy rippled through my body. We laid there for a few minutes then we heard the door go, my Son had come back, quickly I straighten my clothes and went out to stall him while Jon dressed himself. My Son was still really drunk and I don’t think he’d have even noticed if he’d caught us at it. He stumbled off to bed and Jon slipped out not before promising me that he’d call in at Easter, I can’t wait.