Written by tony

7 Jan 2005

i remarried just over a year ago to my current wife.this story still very much excites me so much.

about 3 months ago my stepdaughter claire who is 19 was going to a party with her best friend emma who is the same age.

they had asked me to pick them up at 1.00am and bring them home.

anyway to cut a long story short,it was a terrible wet and windy night with the rain lashing down.

at around 12 claire phoned to say they were both ready to be picked up and to hurry because they were very cold and wet.

i arrived in about 15 mins with 2 dry towels in the back of the car.

i immediatly spotted emma but not claire. emma informed me that claire had "copped"off with a guy she knew and was going home with him.

emma was soaked to the skin and looked like a drowned rat.i offered her the towels which she thanked me for and we set off. i noticed emma drying her face and long dark hair and then switching to her bare legs which were saoked because of the shortish skirt she was wearing.

i asked her how come she didnt "cop"off and she told me she prefers older men. my cock twitched as that sentence left her mouth.i suddenly looked at emma in a completly different light and played on what she had just said.

so how come you prefer older men then? how many older men have you been with?etc. she replied that she had slept with 3 older men ranging from 29 to 38.here was i aged 48 would she think of me in the same way?

my question was answered within seconds when emma asked di we have to go straight back? i seized the chance and drove to a very secluded spot and because of the weather it was desserted.

within seconds my hand was rubbing the damp gusset of her skimpy g string as she moaned as we kissed hard and pasionatly. she fumbled with my belt until i pulled my mouth from hers and undid it myself our eyes never leaving each others.my solid cock sprang out as i told her to show me how much she loves older cocks.

she slipped her velvet lips around my shaft slowly but very delibratly making sure i felt every bit of her fantastic blowjob.

my cock just seemed to grow and grow and witin seconds i could tell i was ready to spunk.i couldnt believe how good this young girl was at sucking cock and shouted out that i was about to spunk in her mouth if she didnt stop.

she just moaned and carried on sucking until i flooded her mouth with a huge amount of fresh spunk.emma swallowed every single drop and still carried on sucking until i told her to stop my cock was limp and very sensitive at that point.

i got down between her legs and pulled her sopping g string to one side and gently bite on her clit she quivered and let a load moan as i licked her juices from her sticky cunt.very soon she came extremly hard clamping her thighs around my head and gasping for air. immediatly i rose and slide my by now stiff prick as deep up inside her sticky hole as possible.i pushed in up to my balls and her moans of lust were mufled as we kissed hard.

i began to really pump my cock into her hard and fast and then slowing down with emma almost begging me to fill her with spunk. my balls were banging against her bum hole as her scream got louder she pulled my hand up to cover her mouth so she could scream even loader.

all of a sudden my spunk shot into emmas waiting womb and it felt unbelievable.

we held each other for a few moments and then tidyed ourselves up and headed back to the house.

when we got back my wife ws in bed and emma sucked me off in the kitchen agin swallowing what little spunk i had left.

over the past 3 months or so i have fucked emma another twice and im hoping for a few more sessions in the future.