Written by Aarron

30 Mar 2004

My girlfriend is great and i fancy her so much. To describe her shes slim and good looking with lovley legs and medium lenght hair, blonde and recently had her boobs en larged so there massive now and firm, her nipples are also large but stick right out, great for sucking on.

We have been together 5 months, i new her before we started shagging each other. My brother went out with her sister and thats how we got closer. There dad is going out with an ex stripper, thats another story and hes been with Debs now for 3 and a half months. At first my girlfriend and her sister hated her but i thought ummm shes ok. Fit body great boobs and good looking.

As times gone on we all now get on very well. My girlfriend is a real horny girl, shes 23 years old and loves me taking dirty pictures of her, naked in the bedroom and outside doesnt matter if the weathers crap or not. Recently we got chatting to some people in a pub, they told us that they have partys in there house and the partys are dirty, my girlfriend being drunk was up for it until i said no.

A few days ago i stayed at my girlfriends dads, they all went of to work leaving me at home to catch up with my work on the computer. I decided to be naughty and looked at porn and then thought i would have a nose at Debs pictures that have been saved. They were horny alot of her topless and some of her with toys in her pussy very good, and turned me on so much, but then to my surprise i thought at first im seeing things, there were pictures of my girlfriend naked, some of her hiding with her legs apart, all very horny, then there were pictures of her and Debs on the bed, some were naughty just them with there boobs pushing together and then as i looked on further, the pictures got hotter. My girl having her pussy licked by Debs, some with Debs fingers in my girls hole, there were all together about thirty pictures of the two of them having sex and doing oral on each other. I was so shocked but so horny.

I waited until my girlfriend came home and straight away i asked her about the pictures, she looked shocked and embarresed and then got upset, i then grabbed her hand and took her upstairs, pushed her on the bed, pulled up her dress and rammed my large throbbing cock into her pussy and god did we fuck, as i fucked her she was screaming, i told her i need to take pictures of her and Debs and need to watch them fuck in front of me, she agreed. I asked her who took the pictures, she told me a male friend of Debs took them. I asked her how often had she been naughty with Debs she laughed and told me it was none of my business.