Written by Amanda

5 Oct 2005

My name is Amanda and im 29 years old married with 2 young children.This is a 100% true story which i have only recently told my husband about.(as a result he as pestered me to write about it on here).

Ive known for a long time that my husband gets extremly turned on by the thought of me with another man.he always brought it up during sex and as soon as i started interacting with him about it, he would cum almost immediatly.

Anyhow thats basically as far as it went until one night while the both of us were led in bed after a few drinks, he kept pushing me to tell him about my past lovers etc.

What i told him and what im about to tell you actually happened.......

During my childhood me and my family would always travel on holiday with my parents best friends(dereck and shelia).

eventually when i turned 18 i arranged to travel with my best friend to Magaluf instead of going with my family and their friends.

Anyway to cut a long story short my friend pulled out at the last minute which left me out of pocket and totally pissed off.My parents suggested i went along with them once more instead of staying at home.secretly for years i had always had a school girl crush on Dereck who was 47 years old at the time and i had brought my young pussy off many times thinking of his big strong body led on top of me.

So off we alll headed to Zante in Greece for a relaxing fortnight.

During the first week i would sunbath topless and flirt more and more with dereck (out of sight of the others of course)and even i would admit that my pert firm tits covered in lotion with just my bikini bottoms on was a sight to behold,but dereck didnt give me the slightest indication that he was intrested in any way what so ever.

I would lie in my bed at night fingering my aching pussy for all i was worth.

The second week remained much the same until we arranged to go on a scuba dive trip.It turned out only me and dereck fancied it,so at 9am the bus picked us up at the hotel for the 3 hour trip.

On the way back one stop before our hotel Dereck said he needed to pop into the supermarket so we both got off and walked the 5 min back to our hotel.We both knew that my parents and derecks wife shelia would be down the beach.So on heading up to our rooms to drop some of our stuff off dereck asked me had i enjoyed it? to which i replied i had,he then asked was i planning on going to the beach,to which i told him i would probably pop down a little later.I hope so he said cos ive missed seeing your nice tits today.

This took me back a little because i had given up hope of getting a reaction from him.I smiled a very flirty smile and said nothing,but put the key in the door and walked in to my room.

within seconds dereck knocked on the door he was still in his white shorts and tee shirt.

He walked into my room for the first time during the holiday and was still making small talk.this is what i had fantasied about happening for years,having dereck to myself in my room.

i told him that i was going to change into something more comfortable if he wanted to wait for me.he sat in the chair waiting while i went into the bathroom (leaving the door open)i dint have my bikini with me it was drying on the balcony outside so i asked dereck could he fetch it for me.

I had 3 bikinis hanging on the balcony but just knew dereck would fetch my most skimpy one it was white in colour and barely covered a thing!!!

he handed me it as i pretended to cover my firm tits with my arm and hand.dont worry about covering your tits up he said ive seen them every day.and i think i should see them today dont you? i pretended to be embarressed but didnt pull away.go on he said lets see them in their full glory and moved his large hand to my arm to pull it down.

i didnt offer much resistance and my tits were in full view to dereck as he stood in the bathroom doorway.

I think you have been wanting this for a long time havent you he said in a much deeper sterner voice,immediatly making my pussy twitch under my short denim beach skirt.

want what? i innocently asked.

This he said before grabbing me really hard and kissing me with a lot of force.Wow! yes this is what i had been craving for years i thought as i responded to his forceful kissing.

his mouth immediatly went down to cover my one nipple sucking it biting it as i let out my first moan.he then moved to my other nipple while still pulling on my other with his forfinger and thumb.

dereck was like a man possesed,his animal instincts were almost overpowereing!! he began to lift my short skirt around my waist.His tounge was pushing forcefully into my mouth making me catch my breath every time he broke off from me.

Then i felt his first firm thick finger slip into my moist pussy,bloody hell it felt really thick compared to the fingers of boys my own age.

he then slipped it back out and began teasing my clit with his sticky finger,immediatly i arched my back and let out a load groan of pleasure as dereck brought me off for the first time.i sank my head into his shoulder as he continued finger fucking me with one/two fingers as well as teasing my clit,he brought me off a further twice like this before turning me around to face the bathroom sink and mirror.

he still had my skirt around my waist but proceeded to snake his cock against my sopping slit before slowly easing it into me,that was the first time in my life that i can truely say i was getting a proper fucking.

dereck fucked me slowly but very firmly for ages before telling me he wanted to cum.before i could do anything i heard dereck groan and tell me its too late,i then felt his cock twitch and fill my young womb with gallons of his thick warm sperm,on feeling it enter me i too cum for the fourth time letting out small wimpers of pleasure.

When dereck withdrew he told me to put on my bikini bottoms and top and asked me did i enjoy it?

i replied that i had wanted him to fuck me for years to which he replied he had been wanting to fuck me.

We didnt have any further chances of a fuck during the rest of the holiday but dereck carried on where he left off when we returned home.

He fucked me for about a year after in many different places and gradually turned me into his dirty little slut.We tried loads of different things including dogging etc but then it burnt itself out and i found my husband.

my husband loves me telling him about dereck and his cock gets so hard it almost explodes every time we talk about him during sex!!!(which i love).

The best part about the whole senerio is that my husband actually knows dereck and meets him at family get togethers from time to time........

who know what the future holds.......