Written by The dirty slut

22 Oct 2006

we drove to a secluded spot and i undid his trousers and started sucking his cock, it was rock solid and i struggled to fit it all in my mouth, my buddy told me that three men were standing at the window, i turned to look and all three had their cocks out wanking, i turned back to the lovely cock i was sucking while he wound my window down so they could reach in and play with my pussy. i squirmed about with the pleasure of their hands on my wet hole and sucked with eagerness on the hard cock of my FB. he was in total control of the situation, i had no say in what happened and i loved it. he egged them on to open the car door and within seconds i had a warm wet tongue inside my hole and a finger in my arse, it was amazing. i turned round and took each cock in my mouth in turn making sure i got to taste everyone. we then walked to the picnic area to have some more fun, all the while i had people playing with my tits and fingering my pussy. when we got there my FB lay me on the table and lifted up my skirt and opened my blouse so my tits were exposed. I had one cock in my mouth and one in each hand while the other guy gave my pussy a really good licking. By this time i needed to feel a cock inside my pussy so i begged to be fucked. Each guy took it in turns to ram their cocks hard into me and ride me like the slut i am. my FB was calling me a dirty slut and i was loving it. four cocks for me to drain the pleasure out of. i sucked licked and wanked each one that wasn't fucking me. One guy was great at licking and i kept begging him to tongue me again and again. when it was my FB turn to fuck me he rammed his cock hard inside me all the while wetting my arse ready for him, he then slowly pressed his gorgeous cock against my tight hole and entered my arse, it hurt initially but that was soon replaced with pleasure as he pounded me, by the time he was spent we had been at it for nearly two hours. when we finally walked back to the car i was exhausted, the other guys went their own way saying thanks for a great time, but one came with us back to the car and made me sit in the front seat with legs outside and he continued to lick my pussy till i couldn't take any more. the sun was almost coming up and i needed to get home.

on the drive home i was still very very horny so i sat and played with my pussy till we arrived.