Written by gosso

22 Feb 2007

I poured her a drink and about ten minutes later she shouted if I was ready. I was ready for the show. I had set up the video camera on a tripod. When she came down the stairs my jaw dropped. She was wearing a sheer white body stocking, a pair of white lacy panties and white heels. She had a huge bag in her hands and told me to sit on the couch. She dragged a chair closer and asked if I was ready for the first part of the show. I just nodded and pushed the record button on the video camera.

She turned on some music and slowly danced for me, rubbing her pussy and tits with her hands. She started sliding her panties down her legs and then I noticed it was a crotch less body stocking. She looked so hot covered from neck to toe in this sheer material yet you could see everything. She smiled and started to grind her pussy on my lap. She told me that I was not allowed to touch her. She sat on the chair with her legs spread wide and faced me. She took the wine bottle from the table which was empty and asked me if she should fuck herself with it. She slowly slid the bottle into her pussy. I could see how wet she was. She put it down and reached inside the bag and showed me a cucumber. She slid it in her mouth and sucked it before sliding it into her pussy. I was ready to shoot my load. She smiled at me. She dipped into the bag once more and pulled a huge dildo and a butt plug out of the bag. She slid onto her back and spread her legs and slowly inserted the butt plug in her ass. Once it had gone in she started fucking her pussy wildly with the dildo. I have never seen a dildo that size. She took it all the way in and slammed her pussy with it. She was moaning really loudly and had a few orgasms. I was ready to cream my panties. She had one more orgasm and told me it was my turn now. She made a phone call and two minutes later I heard the back door open. It was Jill from next door. She was wearing a black coat.

She came in and greeted my wife who told her it was her turn now. Jill came over to me and dropped her coat to the floor. She had a black bra, matching panties and stockings on. She told me to stand up. She asked me if I liked being a girl and I just nodded. Jill was rubbing my ass and I felt her reach for the zipper of my dress. She pushed it off my shoulders and it fell to the ground. She knelt down and put her head under my slip and ran her tongue over my cock which was now straining the panties. She pulled the panties down with her teeth and I stepped out of them. While this was going on my wife was fucking herself slowly with the dildo. She told Jill to take my slip off as she wanted to see what was going on. Jill started sucking my cock and massaging my balls with her other hand. She started tickling my ass with a finger. It felt really nice. Suddenly I felt her finger probe my ass. Slowly she pushed it in. She told me to lie back on the couch and spread my legs wide. Suddenly I saw my wife and she was wearing a strap on. It was long and thin and she was wanking it with her hand. She was actually spreading lube on it. Jill told me to get off the couch and she lay on her back. She told me to eat her pussy. I dived in and then I could feel my wife positioning herself behind me. She held the tip of the strap on dick against my ass and told me to ease it in. It slid in nice and easy and she slowly fucked me. She stroked my balls while fucking me and I was eating Jill’s pussy. It felt really good.

Jill turned over and told me to lick her ass. I licked her little pink hole and she groaned with pleasure. I wanted to fuck her so badly. My wife told me to fuck Jill and I slid my cock into her pussy. My wife shoved the strap on in my ass again and I was in heaven. She was getting tired so pulled out and lay in front of Jill who licked her pussy. Jill pulled my cock out and slid it towards hers ass. I watched as my cock got slowly sucked into her tight ass. I fucked her for a few minutes and then pulled out as I was about to come. Jill put my cock in her mouth and sucked me dry. She went over to my wife and kissed her and they swapped my come. I was shattered. Jill took the cucumber and slid it into her pussy. My wife slid the other end in her pussy and the fucked it till both could not have another orgasm. Jill said bye and left. My wife came over and started playing with my cock again. It was soon erect and she slowly impaled herself on it. She was stroking my legs and rubbing my balls. I shot my load deep inside her pussy. We lay there for a while before going to the bedroom to watch our home made movie….