Written by Peter

8 Dec 2003

My wife worked in an office as a typist/receptionist and a surveyor called regularly and kept asking her for a date. I was working abroad and she wrote to me and kept me informed as to her experiences. She told that she agreed to a date with him and he picked her up that evening. They had a drink and then left and as they walked to car he put his arm around her. She sai that she thought it was going to be difficult to remove her jeans as they were sotight fitting. Once in the car he kissed her and touched breast over her blouse. He drove to a quiet spotand lowered the recling seats. He unbuttoned her blouse and undid her bra and uncovered her firm tits and taking a nipple between his lips and rolled his tongue around the nipple. She said it turned her on and she moved her hand up his thigh and felt his cock stiffening beneath his trousers. She unsipped his fly and he unbuckled his trousers and drew them down his thighs uncovering now erect prick. She told me that she.d had bigger cocks but his was nice and hard. He asked her to suck his cock and she went down on him, licking around the rim of his knob and over hole at the tip making him groan with pleasure. She cradled his balls gently as she sucked and licked his hard prick. Then she stopped and told him she wanted some oral too andas she thought, he had difficulty in removing her jeans and when he did her panties came off as well. He knelt on the floor of the car and placed his head between her legs and she felt his tongue lapping over clit. She was very wet and more than ready to shag and told she wanted his cock. He moved over her and moved her own so her buttocks were on the edge of the seat. She felt his knob at the entrance of her cunt and then felt his lenght thrust right up inside her, exciting her as he began to fuck her with hard thrusts, his balls slapping against her as he rammed his stiff prick fully into her. He grunted as he strove to shag her harder and faster and she cried out as she climaxed urging him on and telling not to stop but to come inside her. She dug her fingernails into his buttocks and he shuddered as began to cum, thrusting right up and keeping his rampant cock inside her and she felt his cock thicken as it throbbed as pumped his load of spunk into her. He lay on top her and kept his cock inside her and started to shag her again bringing her to another big climax.

When he dropped her off her panties were saturated with his spunk and her juices. As she wiped her pussy in the bathroom it felt tender from the pounding that it had taken.

She certainly knew that she had been well screwed.