Written by Chris

12 Oct 2003

I have been married to Cathy for 10 months now and she is a flirt and has had alot of cock before she met me a few times she has been unfaithful that was before we got married and have suspisions my own dad has fucked my lovley wife, but she denies that one.

Last night we had been drinking most of the day waiting to watch the football Cathy was with her friends and i was sat with there husbands and boyfriends.

Cathy was knocking back the cider and acting like a tart flirting with everyone and kissing her best friend Cara who they have had lesbian shows to please Caras brothers friends but thats a different story altogether.

I kept looking over at Cathy seeing what she was up to at one point she was sat on the pool table legs wide open and flashing her tits to a group of lads they were all drunk and cheering and one lad who looked about 18 went over to her and started feeling her tits while his friends clapped and cheered. I just turned away and left her to it.

After the game had finished there was a disco and karoke and everyone was very drunk by last orders including me. Cathy was in full swing going round them all sitting on mens knees, kissing them, flirting with there wifes and even sitting on one old mans knee pretending to shag him but the bloke was smiling. Someone shouted across the pub control your wife Chris.

the landlord decided to lock the doors and have a late one a few people left but with all the regualrs still there it was still busy and loud.

Cathy came over to me and told me to stop being boring. I told her she was a slut and im ashamed of her. so that made her worse she flirted even more but went one step further.

She lay on the pool table and got her tits out for the whole pub to see she spread her legs wide and shouted come and shag me boys or girls. A gang of lads went over to her and pulled down her nickers and started fingering her pussy another was sucking on her tits and another had his cock out got on the pool table and stuck it in her mouth, she started sucking him of and wanking him at the same time. The pub was all gathered around watching my horny slut wife being had by these lads on the pool table. In turn they all took out there cocks and shagged her pussy she lay there moaning with pleasure. Each one got on top of her and filled her up they would get of her and the next would take her and fill her up and so on. Then the other men in the pub started on her they all got on top of her and shagged her pussy filling her with there spunk she was soaking wet and cream was all down her legs, I watched nine men shag her and maul her body and she lay there and loved every minute of it including the landlord of the pub had a go at her and filled her pussy up with his cream. She sat up and started to look for her nickers when i said hang on a minute I havnt had my turn yet lie back down, she looked at me with shock on her face she thought I was going to shag her as well. Oh no something better she lay on the table and I took out my cock with the crowd still standing around watching, I looked over a Cara Cathys best freind and pulled her close to me lifted her on to the pool table pulled down her trousers and her thongs and rammed my cock up her pussy. Cathy lay at the side of us and watched with horror on her face. I pushed myself in Cara so hard and with every push and grunt and moan it felt so good, I lifted up her top and sucked away on her nipples with Cathy watching I felt Cara go all wet and scream out with a shake i new she had come I then shoolk and filled her up with spunk.

Cathy went mad she hit me and told me she couldnt believe what i just done to her, shagging her friend like that in front of her and the pub and why hadnt I shagged her instead. NO that would of been to easy he he