Written by Adrain

29 Sep 2003

Ive ben married for two years its my second marriage, my first marriage ended with my wife going of with my best mate after I had watched him fuck her.

Im good friends with my wifes best friends husband and we all go out together and go on holls together,

My wife is 26 and im 38 her friends are also in there twentys.

A couple of months ago in the very hot weather we all decided to go to a beach for the day and my wife wanted to go to a nudist beach so we ended up in Poole.

At first it was a laugh amongst us all who was going to strip of.

lieing on the beach there were alot of ladys with no tops on and my eyes were on them some were wearing thongs so you can imagine the sight.

My wifes friend Mel is well built on top and has enormous tits she lay down and of came her bikini top, wow my eyes nearly popped out of my head, I had never realised she had such lovley big round giant tits with huge brown nipples, my wife nudged me and told me to stoiplooking at Mels tits, I then told her to take her top of and she did.

the day went on with me and Sam Mels hubby just ogling all the girls walking around with hardly any clothes on.

Mel and my wife went in the sea and me and Sam got chatting about sex, he was telling me all about what turns Mel on and how up for it she always is, I told him I would love to get my mouth on them nipples and he laughed.

He then asked me if I wanted to wife swap, I was shocked but said yes did I. We then discussed how we could get the girls interested.

We decided to go back to Sams house and have a drink, he said he would start to turn Mel on then ask her to pleasure me.

Well that night we did just that, but the drive to Mel and Sams house my wife kept accusing me of fancying Mel she asked me if I wanted to fuck her, I denied it to her of course.

We had alot to drink and were all chatting when Sam started to fondle Mels tits all she had on was a slinky bikini top and shorts, she didnt seem to care we were there, I could see her nipples getting larger, he then stroked up and down her thighs and she opened her legs wider but carried on talking to us, my wife just sat there and never said a word. Sam then started to kiss her neck with his hand inside her shorts, she was moving up and down so I guessed he was fingering her in front of us.

I was hard and whispered to my wife to take of her bikini top and let me such her tits, she said no and got up and went upstairs, I sat and watched Sam carrying on playing with Mel, I then walked over and took her bikini top of her tits were hanging in front of me so I sucked hard on her nipples, she then sat on Sams knee with her back to him, he pulled down her shorts and then her thongs to show me her shaven cunt, I began to lick her soft wet clit she was pushing it into my face, Sam then pulled down his shorts and pushed his cock in her tight arse she was bouncing up and down on him, as I licked and sucked on her cunt, she was screaming and pushing my head into her so I wouldnt stop licking her, she lay back on to Sam and I couldnt hold on any longer I pushed my hard cock in her cunt and pumped away at her, she was being fucked both ends, her tits were bouncing up and down with my tongue going crazy on her nipples, she was shouting fuck me harder, fuck me harder, by then my wife had come back and stood and watched, I new she was there but couldnt pull out of Mel it was to good I felt her come all over me and at the same time me and Sam shot our load in her both ends.

My wife never spoke to any of us after that night she said we were all disgusting but slowly she is coming round to the idea of a foursome with Mel and Sam.