Written by Tracey and Andy

5 Jun 2005

Hi to you all out there! This is the follow-up to our last episode of my sexy little wife Tracey,and her ex-boyfreind Neil.I'm sure most of you will know us from last time,and we would like to thank you all for your fantastic reaponse to her account of that wonderful night she had with him.Well,it finally happened again a couple of weeks ago,when she met up with him again.Tracey met him on her own this time in a pub in town,and managed eventually to persuade him to come back home with her.I got a text from her around 11pm to say that she was on her way back with him in a taxi.She had told him that i might be still up,and that i knew he was with her.She asked the driver to drop them off a short distance from our house,that would involve a walk the rest of the way through a small park.When they were out of sight of the road,she stopped and snogged him,and felt his cock through his jeans,it was starting to stiffen up by the second,so she got down on her knees,unzipped his jeans and pulled out his long cock.She slowly wanked him until he was fully erect,and just looked up at him,and said "Is this nice long dick for Tracey again tonight,i think it is don't you?" With that,she just swallowed it whole to the back of her throat,and just sucked him off for a good 20 minutes.She stood up and lifted her top to reveal her lovely pert breasts.He put his hands on them within seconds,and started to squeeze them gently,then had a suck of each of them in turn.Tracey moaned with delight as he did this,as he had one hand up her skirt rubbing her crotch at the same time."My husband has fucked me over that bench loads of times" she told him."Don't you worry about getting caught" he said to her.She smiled at him,grabbed his cock,and led him over to the wooden bench.She leaned over the bench,her back to him,lifted her skirt and said "I'll show you how worried i am about being caught,i want your nice long cock inside me now,before we get to my house.Show me what i've been missing all these years,show me what you can do,get that cock up me now" With that,he moved behind her,pulled her g-string to one side,and placed his hands on her hips.She moaned with pleasure when she felt his wetness nudging against her pussy."You fucking horny little cow,you are so fucking horny,i can't believe i'm doing this to you,a married woman aswell,you are a naughty girl aren't you?" "I do my best,Andy hasn't got any complaints,he knows i'm doing this,so fuck me" He stood still,and pulled her back onto his hard cock.He stopped half-way,leaned over her and cupped her tits in his hands,kissed her on the back of her neck,stood back up again,and pulled her further back onto his cock.He was now buried all the way inside her with his entire lenght of 9 inches or so.She could feel his balls against her cheeks,so she knew that she had taken him all in."Oh God,that is so good,i can almost feel it in my stomach you big bastard,just keep doing it to me,go on,just keep doing it,i want your cock in me again" He pulled it right out,and told her to pull her cunt lips open wide,so she reached behind her and spread her lips wide open for him.With that,he lined up again,and just gave her his entire length in one go.Tracey just gasped with pleasure,and he did this over and over for about 20 minutes.When they eventually got home,she was soaking wet,her g-string was sodden!I heard them come in,and she came upstairs to me,and kissed me on the cheek,and give my cock a good massage! She gave me a blow-job,and told me to come down in about 10 minutes.She said that she had already been fucked at the park,and that she would tell him that i would be coming down.If she came back up at all,then it was not going to take place,as Neil was very nervous about it all.I don't know who was in a worse state,me or him,my heart was beating to overload with the thought of what was going to take place! The atmoshere was electric,it was unbearable! I heard them downstairs,couldn't quite make out what was going on,but had a pretty good idea! I crept slowly down to the bottom of the stairs,i was shaking like mad,my legs were like jelly,i could hardly walk! She had left the door open slightly,just enough for me to see what was happening.I sat on the bottom step for a few minutes to get myself together,then finally took a deep breath,and peeped through the gap in the door.The sight that confronted me was truly amazing! My wife was lying back in the armchair,her legs wide open,fingering herself.She must've had five fingers up her pussy,looking up at Neil.He was stood there with no bottoms on,looking down at my beautiful wife,with her legs wide open ready to be fucked by him.I could see him wanking himself off in front of her,she kept looking down at his cock,looking at me,and looking up at him.She still had her top on,just,which was undone most of the way,and one of her tits was out of her bra,which was clearly visible.Her skirt and g-string were missing,the only thing she had on below her waist were her stockings.Now this to me was a truly erotic sight,never to be forgotten! Tracey stopped her playing,and slid down a bit more in the chair,so that her bum was on the edge of the seat."Is Tracey going to have some more of Neil's nice,long wet cock tonight or what?" "Do you like what you see big-boy,take a closer look,and give me that fucking cock now,fuck me any way you want to,do it" Neil leaned over her,and placed his dick at her pussy.This was my first glimpse of his manhood,and boy,was she right about what it was like! It was very,very long indeed,it looked more than the 9 inches she said it was! Much longer than mine,then again,one doesn't go around compareing,armed with a tape measure really,don't think that would go down too well methinks! Anyway,at that point he lowered himself down,and this thing just vanished up into Tracey.I could hardly see her underneath him,she's a very pettite size 6 to 8,and is very slim,but she was having no trouble taking his meat inside her,she was loving it judging by her moaning! All i could see was his cock fucking the hell out of her tiny frame,and her legs wide apart above his shoulders.I coudn't believe i was seeing this,my wife getting seen to by her ex-boyfreind from years ago! What a truly erotic sight it was! When he got off her,i decided to go in.I knocked on the door first so as not to startle him.We finally met face to face at last! "Enjoying yourselves i see" i said to them.Tracey got up,and came over to me and snogged me very passionately,and told me she loved me."Pleased to meet you" i said to Neil."I'm really not sure about all this" he said."Everything is fine matey,don't worry,its not a problem,just enjoy it,and relax" He started to droop a little bit,i thought that it was all over.He was as nervous as hell,not as bad as me,i can tell you! "Look after him babe" i said to Tracey. She dropped to her knees and took his limp cock into her mouth.It didn't take long,and he was soon back to form."That's more like it,now,go and sit on the sofa and be a good boy,i'll see to you in a minute" She was a joy to watch! She had noticed my dick straining in my boxers,and came over to me."Well what have we here then" she said.She pulled them down,and took me into her mouth.It was bliss! Neil didn't know quite where to look at first,but he eased up after a while,and had his eyes glued to Tracey's arse while she was suckin me off.She got up and kissed me,then went over to Neil.I was speechless! She walked over to him, and without saying a word ,straddled him and just sat onto his cock,and took the lot in one go! "Fucking hell" he gasped."When Tracey says she wants your cock,she means it" i said to him.She bounced up and down on his length for ages,she would lift herself right up so that she just had the tip of his dick at her lips,then just sink down on it with all her weight.It was a beautiful sight to watch,his cock was like a cucumber,it was that long! I was sat in the chair slowly wanking my rock-hard cock,just watching in amazement!Tracey got off him,and came over to me.Again,without saying a word,she just got on top of me,and sat down onto my stiff cock.It felt wonderfull! I sucked and licked her tits in turn,and had my hands on her cute little bum,with a finger slipping into her tight hole every few minutes,which she loved.Neil was now wanking his cock like mad,the nerves obviously eased off a little."Enjoying the view" i said to him."its heaven watching this,she is beautiful and sexy,you're a lucky sod" "Come and get a closer look" i said. Tracey was still riding me big time when he came over.He stood there for while,then had his hands all over her bum.Her tits got two sets of hands feeling them,she was loving it!He slipped a finger up her bum,which startled her,as she let out a sexy little squeal! He moved around to her side and sucked on her nipple.She had sat upright now,and still had my length inside her.She was loving the attention of two men,and i wondered how far this would go.She had her eyes closed,and i think she had the same thoughts.She leaned forward,and kissed me,told me she loved me,and sat upright again,and opened her eyes.She got hold of Neil's cock and started to wank him off.He stood there groaning with delight.I could now see just how long this guy was,and Tracey could take it all,naughty girl that she is! This was the first time ever that she was having sex with two men at once,and its been worth the wait!"You are going to make me cum if you carry on doing that" he moaned."Not yet big-boy" and with that she went down on him.Well,i was at bursting point,i didn't know how much longer i could hold on without spilling my load.She started riding me again,while sucking him off at the same time.What a sight!Tracey told him to go and lye on the sofa,which he did.She went over and got down on her knees at the side,and took him down her throat again.I went over and fingered her pussy from behind,she was soaking wet!I could hear her slurping on his cock,he was enjoying every minute of this,probably his first 3sm like it was mine.I was just about to slide my cock up her when she turned around,still wanking his length,and kissed me passionately."I want you both at once" she whispered in my ear.I was gobsmacked!"What,one in each hole" i said."I want both of you in my pussy at the same time,are you going to do that for Tracey?" "After that,my bum wants a cock,who is going first,you or him?" "First i want your cock in me from behind,but wait a minute" "Does Neil want to see Tracey get fucked while you are in my mouth,one at each end?" He never got a chance to answer. "Fuck me Andy,while i suck on my ex-boyfreind's nice long cock,i've had this cock lots of times haven't i Neil,i've told Andy what a nice cock you've got and how we fucked many years ago,and now here we are again,only i've got two nice big dicks all to myself haven't i Neil?" With that,i slipped inside her with esae,she was dripping wet,while she sucked his dick like a woman possesed!She was being well and truly spit-roaasted!Neil sat up on the sofa,and Tracey straddled him again,taking his length without a problem."I want you both in me" she said to him.Not sure how he would react,she asked him if he was okay with it.He just nodded his approval,so she leaned forward a little,much to his delight as he was eating her breasts!It was a bit awkward,but i managed to get behind her and ease it in beside his.This felt very strange indeed,as i was physically touching another mans dick,okay,not with my hands,but it still felt weird,i can tell you.She was that wet,that once the tip was in,the rest just flew in."Oh my fucking God,this is heaven,this is amazing,it feels just fucking wonderfull,i've got two big cocks inside me,i'm a fucking dirty whore,is that what i am is it Neil,a dirty dick-loving whore,do you like this Neil,fucking me with my husband,you've wanted this haven't you Neil,to fuck me again after all these years,to fuck me,to fuck me again and again haven't you Neil?" "Course i have,who wouldn't fuck you,yes i want to fuck you over and over and over,is that what you want to hear is it,you love cock,always have and always will" We both increased our speed and she was nearly crying.I looked down to see two glistening cocks banging away at her stretched pussy,and i knew i couldn't hold out for much longer,so after about 20 minutes of double-fucking my wife,i got off and sat down on the sofa next to Neil.Tracey was still bouncing up and down on him,her gaping fanny squelching with every movement.Tracey eventually climbed off him,and went down on me again,and sucked for England!"I want my ass fucked" she whispered.Now Tracey has got a lovely,cute little round bottom with a tattoo on the right cheek.Its just the perfect ass! I've been up there many times,so she is used to me,but his cock is very,very long,so i don't really know what is going to happen."I want him in my ass" she whispered."Are you sure,its very long,are you sure it won't hurt?" "Only one way to find out,i love you!" Neil was fingering her pussy from behind,and like me,kept slipping a finger into her bum,she just adores that."A beatiful arse if ever there was one,so smooth and round,good enough to eat" With that,his head vanished,and he started licking an kissing her bum.She wiggled her bum slowly in his face,and she could feel his tongue exploring her holes."Go on,give me a good licking you horny bastard,eat me,go on,you said it was good enough to eat,get your tongue in there while i suck on my husband's fat cock" She groaned with pleasure,as he thrust his fingers inside her,this in turn pushed her down more on my cock,bliss!Tracey got up,turned to him and snogged him very passionately,and said "Tracey wants your cock in her ass,will Neil do that for Tracey,because Tracey loves Neil's nice long cock doesn't she,i'm asking nicely so will you do it for me,i want Andy inside me aswell because i love him,and i want you inside me because i love your cock,do you want to do that for me?" He couldn't say no,and the look on his face was a picture.She told us both to lye on the floor side by side,she then sat on his face,rubbing her pussy up and down,his face was covered with her juice!Then she climbed on top of me,and sat on my fit-to-burst cock.She wanked his cock for a few minutes,then told him to get behind her.When he was stood up beside her,she took him to the back of her throat again,the thing just vanished down her mouth without a trace,how the hell does she do it i thought!When she released it,i saw it and thought,no-way is she going to take that length! He kneeled down behind her,and started rubbing it between her cheeks.Tracey's breathing was getting heavier in anticipation of what she was about to get.She leaned forward,so my cock was about half in her pussy,and kissed me."This is what you've always wanted isn't it Andy,me getting fucked by another man,having sex with two men at once,Neil is going to fuck your wife's ass now,i love you Andy" Neil was rubbing his cock up and down her bum,and slipped it up her pussy a few times aswell.I put my hands on her bum,and spread her cheeks apart.He fingered her bum for while,so i gave him the signal to give it to her.As soon as she felt the tip of his cock against her hole,she kissed me lovingly."I love you Andy" she said to me,as his cock penetrated her tight little hole."Go on big-boy,fuck me,go on give it me" With that,he pushed more and more into her,his hands on her hips,and still she took more.She was in heaven! "Another man's cock is fucking my ass,do you like that,one cock in my pussy,and another in my ass,this is what you want isn't it Andy,i love you so much" Again,we got into a rythmm,boy was Tracey enjoying this.And the naughty little minx took his entire length,as i got out from underneath to see for myself.I couldn't believe my eyes,this long cock had been fed all the way up my wife's tiny ass!Tracey was screaming with delight when he fucked her faster,he held her steady by her hips,and just slid this thing in and out for about 30 minutes solid.When he pulled out,Tracey just fell to the floor,well and truly fucked to oblivion!Her crotch was soaking with man-juice and cunt juice,she just lay there spread-eagled and breathless! We all got our breath back,and me and Neil were fit to explode! Tracey said that she couldn't take any more fucking,as her legs wouldn't stand it anymore,so she kneeled down in front of us,and wanked both our cocks at the same time."So,are you ready to give me something nice now,i've waited for this for too long,so don't waste it" She moved closer,and just looked up at us both with those big blue eyes.We both wanked our cocks and said that we will both shoot at the same time,or near as damn it.She massaged our balls gently,and needless to say,we didn't last long.Tracey sensed that we were about to cum,so she kneeled up a bit further,and held her mouth wide open.We both shot within seconds of each other,covering her face with thick,hot cum.She got most of it in and around her mouth,and believe me,there was a lot of it! She then sucked us both off in turn,with cum running down her tits,off her chin,everywhere!We eventually got cleaned up,and it was then 4am! What a truly magnificent night!Neil went home in the morning,satisfied,and very happy! He even got a blow-job before he left,to give him something to think about for next time!He has hinted that he's up for more of the same,next time at his house,so watch this space folks! We had a relaxing day on the Sunday,the kids were at their grandparents,so it was a chill-out zone for the rest of the day. Tracey summed the night up by just saying "Thank-you for a wonderful night,it was the best sex i've ever had,you got your wish of me having sex with two men at the same time,and it was amazing.And i love you more and more each day". May sound a bit soppy,but it sure does feel good to be married to such a fantastic beautiful woman!

Lots of Love to you all!

Have fun,and watch this space!

Tracey and Andy. xxxxxxxxx