Written by Jimmy

16 Oct 2006

I always wanted to be a girl. I think I married with that in mind. Maybe my girlishness was what attracted me to my wife.I am not well endowed and am not tall. She was a small slim sixth form grammar school girl when I met her with her friend in a Portsmouth night club full of sailors. I am 7 years older than her, but looked about the same age as her. She was with her friend,a vicar's daughter. It was the late 1970s, both of them were dressed up to the nines in long silky evening dresses, which contrasted to the little togas the waitresses were wearing.

I found their long dresses quaint and innocent looking even though they were made up to look much older. Earlier in the evning I had seen her go out toward the foyer with a well built man in a suit, he had very short hair and looked in his late 20s. A group of similar looking men had followed them. About 30 minutes later I saw her come back, her long curly brown hair looked dishevelled and she was crying, as she teetered on her high heels back to her friend who was sitting in the alcove behind where I was standing watching the dance floor and girls dancing around tehir hand bags.

As she passed, I asked her if she was alright. Yes she said softly and catching her breath. To cut a long story short, I followed her to her seat, showing my concern. The brutal looking man turned out to have been her boyfriend and he had dumped her after having unprotected sex with her in a side street behind the club. As I discovered later on, when I touched one of her thighs, she wore stockings and suspenders to please him. But when he had pulled her dress up to reveal all to his sailor friends who had followed them, she had been horrified. She was even more horrified after he had pulled her little panties aside and had sex with her in front of his friends, he had asked her to let them have sex with her too. When she refused, he dumped her. Of course I didn't get all of the story that night, only fragments. But when I eventually heard it all and saw the kind of figure hugging satin and lace lingerie she wore, and what those men would have seen, and how she must have felt, I nearly exploded. To add to my excitement, I found that she had a shaven pussie underneath her tight little satin panties.

I knew then I wanted to marry her and for her to enjoy other men.