Written by boyd

7 Sep 2006

I prefer real events but I have just read a fantasy story and I got to thinking about a "fantasy story" my wife gets very turned on by. But swears it never went that far. Well it was based on fact. My wife had a works do and had organised it but I couldn't go. The Coach trip was to a club about 25 miles away and just a little too far for me to catch her up. Anyhow as she was on her own she sat between the the coach driver and his mate for the meal and the evening. There was cabaret and dancing and my wife had a few drinks. Then suddenly in came her first husband and sat a few tables away! This made her mad and she told her companions the driver and his mate. They could see him looking and suggested she dance with one of them to rub it in his face that she had company too. They got up to dance and it just happened to be a slow one. She said the driver held her close and took her near her ex hubby and told her he'd get him jealous. She protested as he held her buttocks and ground her on to his knee but he told her it was working and that her ex was giving them stinking looks. They went back to their seats and had a few more drinks and a couple more dances with both the driver and his mate. The main driver put his arm around her and gave her a quick kiss, just to rile her hubby he said, as he did so his hand brushed her breast which made her a little wetter than she already was. He must have sensed it and let his hand drop to her knee under the table. Another drink and she was enjoying his gentle nudges of her breasts and the squeezes of her knee. His mate could see and soon his leg was up against her leg and his hand was stroking her thigh too. Then came the last dance and she got up and took both their hands to join her on the floor. After the last dance the music slowed and the coach driver clasped her to him for one quick smooch. She felt his hard cock pressing in against her and without thinking pressed her self against it. The dance ended the spell was broken. It was back to business, all her drunken colleagues had to be rounded up. The journey home was busy as songs were sung collections made jokes told and so on. Then the dropping off came and the driver took care to drop everyone off in the order he had picked them up. Soon she realised that it was going to be just her and the driver and his mate. And not only that they had a journey passing through some deserted lanes. Her fanny was still wet when the driver's mate sat next to her and squeezed her knee. He whispered to her that after the next drop he would drive the bus for his mate to come and join her! What did she think about that? he asked. She couldn't answer the drop was being made, the last goodbyes were said and then it was just the three of them. She hadn't noticed the switch and as they drove off the coach driver sat next to her. Without thinking she let him kiss her and all she could think of was the hard cock he'd rubbed against her in the last dance. His hand brushed past her breasts and the tingling she'd had all evening returned. The bus stopped at some lights and he suggested they go to the back seat. She was powerless to resist. They lay on the back seat he sitting in the corner and she laying along side and half on top. She was wearing quite a low cut dress and in flash he'd undone the zip and exposed her tits in a lacy half cup bra. Next off came the dress and he turned her on her back and got into a position to start kissing her still covered cunt. He was so good soon he had ripped her tiny pants off and huried his head inher now very wet and horny fanny. She clasped her stocinged legs around his head and closed her eyes in extasy. She hadn't noticed the bus stop nor the engine turn off , it was only when she felt a her bra being moved ad a pair of lips on her tits. Sod it she thougt and struggled to stand up. Get your cocks out now she screamed as she took her bra off and flung it and her sodden ripped pantis down the bus. Their hands were all over her but she knew how she wanted it and got the mate to sit down so she could back on to his cock while she sucked and gazed at the driver who'd turned her into this wild woman. Soon she changed them around and just managed to keep both from coming so she could try double penetration. It didn't work so i will still be the only one to have had her arse. She stood on the seat and took their still hard and sticky cocks in both hands and started to suck both. Soon she felt their spunk rising and their dirty talk became groans as the pumed their cum over her face. They were wrecked. She got up got her dress on tidied her face as they got back to reality. Then ........ well some of that in the do was what she told me but she reckons all they had was a good snog and a quick feel through her dress. What do you think?