Written by The Master

5 Apr 2006

The wife and i have always fantasised about her having a fireman.Well indeed she did!!

I'm 42 the wife is 41 and sex life is very good.

One day while she was doing something under the grille in the kitchen she let it slip her mind that that she was cooking....it started a small fire in the kitchen with one of the tee towels.

Although she managed to put it out,she called the emergency number just to be certain she'd done everything ok.

Now the wife is very sexy,size 12,38d tits and very curvacious.She'd got herself ready to go out before it all happened so was well dressed in a knee high skirt,and high heels,with no tights on.

As it turned out the firemen did call and there were 6 of them.After it was all settled she offered the firemen a hot drink and proceeded to make one.

After about 15 mins everyone was sitting in the lounge chatting about different fire escapades that had happened.anyway...my wife thinking about what we'd fantasised about began to get horny.She was sitting opposite two of the lads when she just opened her legs slightly.The fireman couldnt take they're eyes off her ever increasingly juicy cunt.Gradually she opened them further and further giving the lads the come on.One of the lads stood up and walked over to the wife who immediately set out a sigh.He leaned down and started kissing the wife passionatley.At that another fireman went over knelt down,lifted the wifes skirt up round her waist and proceeded to lick her well juicy fanny..Whilst only two could get at her the others were all wanking furiously awaiting their turn.

She had to then lie there while six of these firemen took turns in shagging her..with often 3 at a time round her.

So much so..she didnt tell me for days after,thats she'd shagged six fireman in one hour.Whilst writing this i've the most massive hard on...

As you can imagine,this has sorted our sex life out for ever more.