Written by paul2004england

25 Aug 2004

Apologies that this isn't a full-on hot story of mad sex - it is VERY tame in comparison to the stories usually posted here.

During a very drunken night last week, my wife (Sarah) told me of various things that had happened to her since we had met 16 years ago.

She was a sixteen year old virgin when we started going out together and was extremely shy (she still is). I was 21 at the time.

Like most young women, she was curious about sex and it didn't take long until we were fucking at every opportunity.

I was the first guy that had paid her any special attention and she was eager to do things to please me.

I encouraged her to dress sexily, by taking her shopping, telling her what a fantastic figure she had (and still has). I encouraged her to wear stockings and suspenders, 4 1/2 inch patent heels (it was the 80's), short skirts, sexy underwear and short dresses. All of this she took to really well.

Now, after 16 years, she ended up telling me things that had happened to her at various times during our years together. She had been afraid to tell me and was too shy and scared to stop any of it when it happened....

It all started one Christmas when we were invited to the staff party where I worked. Sarah was 17 at the time.

She wore her usual high heels, stockings and a hot black minidress. She has now told me that during the evening, my boss had started touching her thru the dress - running his hand over her arse and stroking the outline of her thong. He moved us to sit by him during the dinner, where he started stroking her thigh, sliding his finger under the band of her stocking and then rubbing her panty covered cunt. Sarah just sat there, frozen to the spot, while he touched her. After dinner she stayed firmly by my side for the rest of the night.

She told me of another occassion, when she had started work in a large office in Birmingham. It was normal for her to dress in a fairly businesslike way for work, which consisted of a knee length skirt, heels and blouse.

I remember wondering at the time, whether she was aware of how much her suspender straps poked thru the fabric of her skirt.

She has now told me that a lot of the guys in the office were friendly toward her - which she took as being a normal part of office life. She told me that one guy, who was around twice her age, started to make saucy comments about her legs and the fact that she wore suspenders. Sarah just got embarassed each time and nervously giggled with him, which he took as a green light to take things further.

Each time she went to another floor or to get stationery, this guy would follow her. Whether she was in the lift of the stores cupboard, he would enter with her and try to touch her up under her skirt or grope he small boobs thru her blouse. She finally plucked up enough courage to tell him to stop.

Another occassion happened at our engagement party. We were all dancing (the one where you are in a line holding the hand of the person in front of you, whose hand was held out under and between theeir legs).

Steve, my next-door neighbour at the time, came running over to me saying what a "hot bird" I was with and that "the tart is wearing stockings". Knowing he was drunk, I just laughed him off.

But, he apparently pulled Sarah into a room later in the evening, pushed he backwards onto a table and pulled-up her dress to reveal her legs and panty covered cunt. Steve then dropped to his knees and proceded to lick her out until she came. Sarah, being fairly drunk herself, then ran from the room quietly sobbing to herself.

The final episode (that she has so far confessed to) happened when she was 24.

We were going on a night out with some friends and had ordered a taxi. A black cab arrived and Sarah, myself and a friend sat on the main seat, whilst Mike and another friend sat on the pull down seats in front.

What I didn't know was that Mike was trying to push his foot in between Sarahs feet in an attempt to part her legs so he could get a look up her miniskirt. Sarah was having none of it and managed to keep her feet together.

After a few drinks, we decided to go to a club across town and hailed another cab. We ended up sitting in similar places, but this time sarah has confessed to removing her panties in the pub and allowing Dave to slide his foot in between hers. She was actually putting on a show for him.

As the drink flowed, Sarah had a few dances with me and our friends. When we got home later that night, I had asked Sarah where she had disapeared to and was told she had seen some old friends.

She has now confessed that she was pulled outside by Mike and was pushed to her knees and told to give him a blow job.

She assures me that nothing else happened between them.

After hearing all this from Sarah, I was extremely turned-on and haven't stopped fantasising about it since.

If you met Sarah, you would think she is as shy as they come, and I can understand her not making a fuss if she was touched-up after she had a few drinks.

Now Im wondering whether I will be able to encourage her to be more open all the time - the thought of a sexy slut wife is driving me nuts with filthy thoughts.