Written by Bob

15 Feb 2005

I've discovered my wife sometimes cheats on me without me knowing! I thought everything she did would be known to me, like it has been, but no. My name is Bob, Teresa is my wife, and I'm a CUCKOLD! It's not surprising she still gets passes; Teresa is 5 feet 1, mature but sexy, slim with curled blond hair and a repectable, housewifely sex appeal that shows through her demure dress sense. You'd never think she'd do anything raunchy, but she does!

We were recently getting a bit of nuisance behaviour in the neighbourhood, from local youths; and I noticed one lad in particular was usually around. I don't know his name, but I don't think he's worked since leaving school, maybe sells drugs or whatever instead, I dunno! He must be about 18, quite tough and wiry looking, and he's a real scally, causing mayhem wherever he goes. He's given cheek to Teresa and me in the past, plus most other people around,and is basically a little bastard. I thought it was strange how my wife never seemed to take offence at him, though, and once when I was saying about stuff he'd done, she said, "Oh, Bob you're over-reacting; he's quite a nice lad!"

The lad also used to hassle our son a lot, and get him angry; our son was very glad when his chance to go away to University came, and it's mainly just us here now.

Well, I go out in the daytime a lot, doing various things in town; and this lad, sometimes with his mates, hangs round our area messing about. I hate leaving Teresa on her own, but I often have to.

One day, I walked past the lad in the street; he was talking to a mate of his, and when asked why he was hanging round on his own, the lad said, "I wanna shag someone!" and they laughed. That was all I heard.

The next day, I was out in town as usual, and I bumped into a woman from our street, who pulled me aside and said she was worried. She told me she'd seen my wife talking to the lad, in the street outside her house, and that Teresa had asked him in for a cup of tea. Naturally, I freaked out. I left the shop immediately, and dashed home.

On reaching the house and letting myself in silently, I found nobody around at first. So, I crept up the stairs. On the stairs were my wife's shoes; and her skirt, crumpled on the top stair. On the landing was her lacy bra! Plus-the lad's pants and trainers, thrown aside on the floor! Sounds were coming from our bedroom, and the door was half-open; enough for me to look through the crack in the doorframe.

It's hard to describe how I felt when I looked in. I saw my wife's bare torso at first, leaning over the side of the bed; then her bare mature tits came into view, being mauled by two young hands, as Teresa moved up and down. Now, I could see most of them; the lad was laying back across the bed, and Teresa spread-legged over him, FUCKING SHAGGING HIM!

She was going, "Oh! Oh! Uh! Hurgh!" in frantic excitement, and her sexy mature nipples all red, hard and erect, being pulled and explored by the lad's cheeky fingers as they fucked! I could see now she had her beige tights rolled down to her ankles, and his legs were between hers; and when he reached around to squeeze her bum and part her buttocks, I glimpsed his stiff young shaft, right up her fanny, their pubes mixing with one another lewdly! Fucking hell, the scally lad was SHAGGING MY WIFE!

I think I'd always guessed something like this might happen one day, with him, I dunno why, just the evil way he used to stare lutsfully at her, I think. I dunno how it had come to this today, though!

Well, I did what I knew I would. I didn't go in, or make myself known to them; I just watched, and wanked myself. I felt weird, sick but excited, hearing her groans as she bonked the little tearaway! I didn't know how long they'd been at it; it took me an hour to get home; who knows what had gone on before I arrived?

Suddenly, Teresa got up off him, and turned around, then stooped over, letting him grab her bum. Her face was near me now, the other side of the doorframe; and she opened her mouth, with an "Ouuhhhh!" of indignation, arching her eyebrows. I knew why. I could also see, in the bedroom mirror, what the lad was doing behind her. He'd just pulled her bum down onto his dick, and his knob had plumped inside her arsehole!

Teresa rubbed herself between the legs, as she moved up and down for the lad, letting him do her up the shithole! I felt disgusted as I saw his arrogant young prick shoving up my wife's bumhole, but Teresa's expression mellowed, and turned to joy! "Mmmmm, ummmm!" she moaned, happily riding his cock, moving her bum sensually and churning his knob around up her arsehole! She was even squeezing her nutty-brown bumhole around his dick, to give him more pleasure, and he liked that, going, "Yeh, Fuckinghell, Squeeze yer Bum as I Bum yer, Teresa!"

I let my sperm pour out into my handkerchief, as I watched this surreal scene!

The lad went, "Corr, Teresa, I'm gonna come again. Let me sponk on yer tongue!"

And she did! She pulled up off him again, and leant down, taking his smelly knob right in her red married lips! She hummed and sucked hard, slurping on his shaft, and I could see her lips leaving smears of bright red lipstick all up along his shaft!

The lad growled, "Oooarrr!" and his shaft throbbed in Teresa's lips, shooting all his hot cum, and she caught every drop, swallowing it with glee!

I sneaked away then, before they realised I was there. luckily there'd been a radio on in the room all through this, so my creeping up and quiet groan as I came, was probably drowned out by the background music!

I said nothing to Teresa about it, but I've been greatly aroused by what she did ever since.

I'm putting my e-mail below. I'd be very interested to know if anyone else out there has had my wife Teresa. If anyone has, I'd love to hear the tale of it, and all what you did. Tell me anonymously if you need to, just get a Hotmail or Yahoo address or something! If you want and if it's raunchy, I could even make another story from it!