Written by Ben

10 Jul 2014

About 3 years ago, a new girl started in my office, Amy was 22 years younger than me but from the first instant we got on really well, we went to lunch together everyday, I gave her lifts home often (even though her then boyfriend didn't like it) and we even went to see a few films together. Nothing happened for the first 6 months, then we started to snog, that turned to fingering eventually we fucked in a few places in the office after everyone else had gone home (I'm the office manager and I lock up).

During our lunch times she would tell me very explicit stories about her experiences - who she had fucked, where and how. The 3sums and 4sums, the girls, the older guys. SHe was very experienced for her age. She admitted to being bi-sexual and said she didn't think it wrong or dirty. Neither do I.

When Amy split with her boyfriend about 2 years or so ago, my wife suggested I invite her round for dinner one weekend, so I did. We was very discrete, not doing anything to raise suspicion, even when it got really late and my wife suggested she stayed in the spare room.

Over the 18 months, my wife and her have gotten quite friendly - my wife is just younger than me, she looks at it as being 'mum' to Amy (Amy was an orphan).

A bit about my wife. My wife is very reserved when it comes to our sex life, she only likes doing it in the missionary position, she would never go down on me and the once I tried to lick her pussy she screamed blue murder and won't let me even suggest it. Admittedly, when we first got married she wouldn't even get naked in front of me with the light on, but she now walks about naked with no problems.

Over the last couple of years our sex life has died (the reason me and Amy fuck), I have mentioned this to Amy and she kept saying 'maybe I should try and get your wife excited again?'. I told her not to bother.

Anyway, a few weeks ago my wife invited Amy round to a late minute barbecue, she arrived and they were chatting for ages. Amy turned around to me and gave me a 'I'm planning something' smile, but wouldn't say what.

Later that afternoon my wife said that Amy had arranged to go shopping with her the following weekend - my wife has just lost the 4 stone she put on having our kids and needs new clothes, so Amy suggested they go and she helps her choose them.

The weekend came. My wife left to pick up Amy at 10, Amy lives so close to the shopping centre she walks, she my wife parks at her house.

When my wife goes out shopping on her own she's normally home by about 4. So I didn't think anything of it when she didn't come home by 5.

At 6 I called her mobile but no answer, at 6:15 I called again, and then at 6:20.

At 6:30, Amy text me saying 'we're busy, will call later'

By 7:30, I'd fed the kids and put them to bed. Still no sign of my wife.

At 8:40, my phone rings, its Amy. She said 'She's on her way home, I'm afraid we left the shops late and then when we got back to mine she had a coffee and we tried on the new clothes. And I think I've loosened up your wife!'

'What do you mean?' I asked

Amy said 'if she doesn't tell you before I see you, I'll tell you Monday. But if you get the chance check her knickers when she takes them off'

About 9 my wife walks in drops her bags on the floor, then says 'sorry I'm late, we lost track of time, then I had a coffee at Amy's and tried on the clothes again, and spend ages chatting'. She seems flustered and her face seemed like she had been blushing.

She then said 'I've got to pee.' and disappeared upstairs. When she came out of the bathroom she called down 'I'm going to shower'. When I heard he get in the shower, I crept upstairs and looked in the laundry basket. I found her knickers wrapped in her blouse, I carefully opened them up and found that they were sticky, they were covered in her juices.

So Amy had done something with my wife!

I wrapped them back up again and returned them to the laundry basket and crept downstairs again.

When my wife came downstairs in her dressing gown, she didn't say a word about what she and Amy did. She did try on the clothes and then went to bed.

As she was going up she said 'Oh, I'm going to ask Amy if she want to come to the show with me in a few weeks' My wife was given tickets by a friend who is in a theatre production and I can't make it. She then said 'I thought we'd make it a girlie weekend and stay over'

I couldn't wait for Monday to come, as soon as I saw Amy she said 'well did she tell you?'

I replied 'no, but judging on the cum in her knickers, you had a good time'

Amy relayed the story to me of what happened (so I may get a few points wrong)......

They got back to her house and had a coffee, while they were chatting Amy got my wife's new clothes out and said 'go on then, give me a fashion show'

My wife said 'where can I change'

Amy said 'here, you haven't got anything I haven't got'

My wife slipped out of her clothes and stood there in her undies. She was just about to put her new clothes on when Amy said 'what about your new knickers?'

Amy said that my wife was a bit reluctant, but opened a bag and got out a pair of (what she calls) Bridget Jones knickers. Amy said hang on, I've got something better for you to try. She picked up all the bags and said 'come upstairs' and off they went.

In Amy's room (somewhere I've been often), she pulled out a set of matching lacy knickers and bra from a drawer. She gave them to my wife who tried them on, she said my wife looked really sexy in the black lacy knickers and the bra showed off my wife's tits lovely. Amy said 'I was beginning to get wet'

Amy said to my wife 'you look fantastic', but she replied 'it'd look better on you'

Amy said 'no this looks better on me' and pulled out a PVC playsuit. My wife apparently said laughing 'you'll never get into that'. SO Amy stripped naked and put the suit on to prove she could.

Then Amy told her to take them off and try on something else, Amy pulled out a basque and gave it to my wife. She said she was a bit unsure of it, so she helped her on with it.

I could imagine this sexy 22 year old girl helping my now very slim and very naked 42 year old wife into a basque. Amy said while she was pulling it up her fingers brushed against my wife's nipples, which apparently were hard.

My wife stood there with this basque on and no knickers.

Amy said that she took the suit off (to hot to keep it on) and was just about to put something else on, when it was at this time that I text her mobile and Amy said 'hang on. I'll see you that is. Help yourself to the knickers' and disappeared downstairs.

When Amy came back, my wife was standing by the drawers holding something, all she said was 'what's this?'

Apparently, my wife had found one of Amy's sex toys (didn't say which).

Amy said she thought that this might be the time to 'help change my wife' as she put it.

She asked my wife 'do you trust me?'

My wife replied puzzled 'yes'. Then Amy said 'lay on the bad and close your eyes'.

My wife hesitated but Amy said 'I promise you will enjoy it'

My wife laid on the bad, Amy parted her legs and slowly began to pushed the toy into my wife (who apparently objected a few times), then Amy switched it on. My wife apparently jumped, but didn't move. Amy began to rub the toy in and out of my wife's pussy (which she said was very wet already). My wife began to moan. Amy kept going and started to finger my wife's clit, my wife apparently began to moan louder.

Amy said it didn't take long for my wife's orgasm to start to build, so Amy pulled the toy out and then went down on my wife and licked her pussy until she came.

Amy did tell me that she came with some fury.

My wife, when she stopped orgasming, said 'oh dear, I've never let Ben do that, maybe I should'

Apparently, Amy said 'do you do it to him?'

'No' was the reply.

Amy said 'well. let me teach you the best way'

Amy then said that she lay on the bad and got my wife to slowly lick her (but this took some convincing). Eventually she did it and Amy said she orgasmed.

They spend the next couple of hours trying on clothes and fingering and fucking. We'll Amy did most of it.

By the time my wife was leaving, she said to Amy 'Can we arrange another day like today. just the two of us?'

The weekend just gone was the theatre trip. My wife paid for the accommodation for the pair of them. Apparently the only room the hotel had left was a kingsize, so my wife booked it as mother and daughter. Apparently she said 'we don't mind sharing'.

I find out tomorrow what happened.