Written by Steve Palmer & Sue

6 Dec 2003

Following my description of how my wife was fucked by her office manager in the car I have had a number of volunteers who want to fuck her and I am in the process of trying to organise it.

Given the interest I thought I would let you have a few more details. I found out all the details myself when we were away in Yorkshire for a weekend - Sue had a good bit to drink and when she does and wants cock then there's no holiding her back. Previously I had made up stories for her and whispered them into her ear as we fucked - the stories normally involved one man in her cunt, one up her arse and one with his cock in her mouth - all coming together. But this night was different and I felt she was up for anything - if another man had been there then I reckon she would have had his cock as well as mine - unfortunately there wasn't another man there! I had suspected for some time that she had fucked this guy in our car and after initially getting angry about it, now it turned me on - I gently started to suggest that I knew she had cheated on me but that I din't mind and I would really like her to tell me all about it. When I had started this sort of conversation before she quickly shut me up but as I say this night was different. She took me through chapter and verse of what had happened although she left out little details like where the car was parked when they fucked. When it was necessary I asked her questions ... as an example she said "after playing with my tits he put his hand up my skirt" - I could just imagine his delight when he reached the flesh in between the stockings and her cunt! "What did he do", I said, did he pull your knickers to one side and put his hand in?" To my surprise she said "No, I wasn't wearing any knickers, I went out without any on". Well at this point my cock was stiff and ready to explode - my wife had gone to meet her manager with no knickers on and obviously meant to have his cock in her that night! I will continue the story a bit later and give you the whole chapter and verse as well. In the meantime please note that Sue is 5ft 4, mid-forties, blonde & petite, with 36d tits with fairly small nipples, and a nice unshaved cunt.

Any questions you may have I will be glad to answer them.