Written by Eager hubby

16 Jun 2006

We have been married for nearly 20 years. We got together after an affair when we both divorced our partners. Sex between us during the affair was excellent.

My partner enjoyed dressing up and we often had fun in the car and in the open air.

Anyway, my wife is now just turned 50, and I am approaching 50. It seems our sex life just gets better and better, this story is just one session.

We were invited to house sit for some friends who live in a large detached chalet out in the country in Norfolk. We had spent the day longing in he secluded garden, my wife wearing a minute yellow bikini. I had managed a few touches of her 34d tits, and a couple of rubs of her shaven pussy through her bikini bottoms. The wine was flowing, and suddenly my wife grabbed me through my shorts and said she wanted shagging in the garden. Anyway I did not need asking twice and it was up behind her doggy style, bikini bottoms to one side and heaven!

After about 5 minutes she came and I soon erupted inside her. We collapsed on the lawn and continued fondling.

After a while Lucy went indoors and came out changed in to a long wrap around skirt and white blouse and said she fancied a stroll down the lane.

We set off towards a small wood. As we arrived she said she felt randy again and fancied being taken against a tree. With that she unwrapped her skirt to reveal stockings and suspenders attached to a cream basque with a cream thong. I was hard in no time and soon had her blouse open and her tits poking out of the cups.No one was around and she lent up against a tree and arched her back towards me. Again I slipped her thong to one side and slid in to her. She gasped and quickly gave a shudder as she came again, and soon I came inside her warm wet pussy.

She tidied herself up and we walked homevery satisfied.

Who says you ae past it at 50!! more to follow!