Written by aj6364

8 May 2006

You know what its like, fantasy talk in bed of your wife going out with your blessing to get shagged and then coming home and telling you all about it whilst you are licking and fucking her used pussy. Well fanatasy has now become reality and I cant get enough.

My wife is a georgeous 42 year old whose sex drive has gone in to overdrive since she became 40, we had fantasised for a while about her screwing someone else and then coming home and showing me what she has been up to whilst I licked her pussy clean and it has finally happened on a number of occasions.

The first time she arranged to meet an old boyfriend who she is still on friendly terms with and arranged to meet for a drink, now part of the fantasy is that I like to be submissive and I was instructed to put on a pair of her knickers and wait for her return, she wasn't sure if she would go through with it so she just wore a pair of jeans and a jumper. So the babysitter was booked whilst I went to work that evening wearing a pair of my wifes knickers under my jeans trying my hardest to conceal my bulge and wondering if she would go through with it. When I got home from work I sent the babysitter off and had a stiff drink still with a bulge in my trousers waiting for her to return. About 1 o'clock I heard her come through the door and the look on her face told ne she had gone through with it. I eagerly stripped he clothes off and thrust my fingers inside her sodden pussy and then placed my tongue all around and inside her spunk filled pussy breathing in the smell of sex knowing that my wife had shagged someone else and I was rubbing my cock through her knickers that I was wearing whilst she told me that she had snogged him and played with his cock whilst he had sucked her tits and fingered her pussy before he had fucked her in the front seat of his van with her sat astride his lap and plunging herself on his cock whilst he sucked her tits. I then fucked her and licked her to orgasm with the promise that it would happen again - and I will print the other stories in the near future.

We have lots of other fantasies that we would like to live out so look out for our adverts.