Written by GS123

24 Apr 2012

Hi I'm Danny (Aged 58 and my wifes name is Linda (Aged 49). Linda has always been a little bit prudish and shy sexually and never wanted to try something a little more adventurous until our visit to London.

We had booked to see an afernoon show and decided to also book a hotel for the night afterward. We went to dinner at the hotel. Linda wore a black dress with matching black shoes and handbag. The dress showed off her figure nicely and was fairly low cut, for her anyway.

After dinner we went to the bar and had some drinks, it did not take Linda to long to get more than tipsy. I said to Linda "You are looking really sexy darling". Linda just smiled and looked around the bar as I stroked her thigh. "Nice, you've got stockings on then". Linda replied "Yes, they make me feel like a real woman".

I noticed there were Three Black guys at the bar looking over at us and smiling. I said to Linda "I think those Black guys like what you are wearing as well". Linda looked over at them and smiled and replied "Yes, they have been looking over for sometime now, do you mind", "Not at all, if you are OK with it".

I noticed the Ladies room was by where they were standing and I said to Linda to smile at them if she went there. "OK, I will".

As Linda walked over there way they spoke to her and she smiled widely at them. When Linda returned she seemd really horny when she told me they had asked if we would like to join them for some drinks in there suite