Written by David & Kara

1 Oct 2004

Kara is 22, I'm 51 - we have been married 3 years...

Kara and I moved back to London from Glasgow about a year ago. We decided to go back up to Glasgow for a long weekend and visit some friends, staying with them overnight. One of them was a single bloke about Kara’s age who we both used to work with. Kara and I often have fantasies about me watching her fucking with another guy – it really helps our sex play along. Knowing we were going to stay overnight with Pete we used him in our next few fantasies. During one of them Kara told me that she really did fancy him quite a lot. So, as part of our fantasy that night I told her that when we stayed with Pete she had to flirt with him and try to get fucked by him – she readily agreed.

We were staying with Pete on Saturday night. We all went out for a meal and lots of drinks. I reminded Kara of our plan and she did a great job of flirting and flashing plenty of flesh – I could see Pete taking a great interest and got really turned on by it, so was I. We were pretty well pissed by the time we got back to Pete’s. Kara and I were feeling very horny and we started kissing and groping in front of Pete, hoping he would join in – but instead he said he would leave us to get on with it in private and went to bed! Although disappointed, Kara and I were still very horny and got on with things and had a great fuck – both getting off big time.

Afterwards we sat and discussed what we were going to do about our plan for Pete. Kara was too drunk to care but the thought of seeing her fuck with Pete was too much for me to just forget now so I led her to Pete’s bedroom. When we got into the bedroom Pete was asleep. I helped Kara off with her bath robe so she was completely naked as I guided her into Pet’s bed, I got in next to her so she was sandwiched between two naked men, her body pressed against Pete’s. She was just lying there, not doing anything and about to fall into a drunken sleep, so I took hold of her hand and placed it on Pete’s soft cock and wrapped her fingers around it. That did the trick! She started to move her hand over Pete’s cock, Pete stirred and woke up - as did his cock, which started to grow and harden in Kara’s hand. Pete muttered “What the fuck!” but soon realised that he wasn’t dreaming but that my wife was paying his now stiff cock lots of attention. Kara moved down the bed and started to lick and suck Pete’s very long, lean erection, cupping his balls in her hand.

I was really enjoying seeing another man’s hard cock in my wife’s mouth, my cock was so hard it hurt. Kara gives expert head, pissed or not, and Pete was getting the benefit of her expertise, he just laid back and was clearly enjoying the feel of Kara’s lips and tongue moving up and down his rigid shaft. She was obviously having a good time too, she repeatedly ran her tongue over every inch of Pete’s cock, took in deep into her mouth and gave his balls a good sucking.

After about 10 minutes of this she lifted her head and said “God! I need this inside me” and proceeded to straddle Pete and, taking hold of his cock, guided the pre-cum soaked head between her swollen pussy lips. I nearly shot my load there and then!

I watched Pete’s long shaft slowly slide into Kara as she lowered herself onto it. She gave out a long satisfied moan as she settled her tight bum onto Pete’s groin, her already spunk filled pussy now crammed with the full length of another man’s hard flesh. She started to move her hips back and fore making little gasping noises as she felt Pete’s dick move against the sides of her sex hole. She then started to move herself up and down, Pete reached up and grasped her breasts. Kara moved faster up and down Pete’s pole as he thrust his hips upwards to meet her downward strokes. I started wanking in earnest as I watched my wife and friend fucking each other like animals – it was a fantastic feeling.

Both Kara and Pete were moaning and grunting as the pace of their fucking increased. Suddenly Kara pushed her slender body down hard and started thrusting her hips back and fore (she told me later that the head of Pete’s cock was rubbing against her cervix and giving her the best sexual thrill ever). Still thrusting violently she reached down and started rubbing her clit, within seconds she reached a very noisy climax and fell slowly forward onto Pete, her breasts pressing against his chest. Pete hadn’t finished yet and he continued fucking Kara with her still lying on top of him – it wasn’t long before he gave a loud grunt and, with a massive final thrust, pumped his hot seed into my wife. My cock erupted a moment later spraying cum over Kara’s back.

They lay there for a few minutes breathing heavily, their sweaty bodies still joined together at the hip. They were in danger of falling asleep like that so I eased Kara off Pete’s motionless body, I watched as his softening cock slide out of her soaking pussy followed by a trickle of fresh cum. I laid Kara on her back and went down her, eagerly sucking Pete’s still hot seed from her swollen cunt. Eating his cum made me feel both humiliated and very horny at the same time.

The three of us slept in the same bed that night – nothing else happened, we were all too pissed and tired. In the morning I got up first, desperate for a pee, leaving Kara and Pete asleep. I wandered into the kitchen for a coffee and painkiller breakfast. Afterwards I went back to the bedroom to check if Kara or Pete wanted a coffee. As I approached the bedroom I could hear noises from inside, I opened the door to see Pete fucking Kara. She was on her back, legs up on Pete’s shoulders getting the full length of his long dick banged hard into her. I watched them fuck to a simultaneous climax, my hard cock in my hand.

Before I could relieve myself Kara told me to stop and get down and suck Pete’s cum out of her while she licked her juices off his cock. I obeyed and sucked and swallowed the thick creamy liquid while Kara licked Pete’s sticky wet cock. She told me how great it was compared to my pathetic excuse for a dick and how much better he was at fucking her. She said that sex with me would never satisfy her any more – all I was good for was sucking other men’s cum out of her aching and satisfied cunt.

When I had finished cleaning her out she told me to go and find her knickers and put them on to hide my offending little member and get breakfast-in-bed for her and Pete while they continued playing with each other. Wearing only Kara’s lacy thong I served them coffee and toast as they licked and groped each other. A little later on I had another meal of Pete’s thick spunk.

That was three months ago, since then Kara has found many different ways of humiliating me – like making me drink her piss and talking to Pete on the phone and telling him what a great fuck he is and how she is fed up with my little ‘pinky’ of a dick. Pete is coming to stay for a long weekend in four weeks time. Kara has told me that I will be sleeping in the spare room for the duration. To complete my humiliation she has bought me a French Maids frilly apron to cover my ‘’revolting little pinky’ and a pair of black fishnet hold-ups to wear on the Sunday of Pete’s visit, apart from the apron and stockings I will have to be completely naked. They plan to spend the whole of Sunday in bed and I will have to wait on them and eat Pete’s cum as many times as he is able to fill Kara’s pussy with it.

Pete living so far away means we won’t be having this kind of fun very often. Kara wants to make me watch her getting fucked by other men but is cautious of doing anything locally. We have discussed using ‘contact’ web sites but she doesn’t want to risk inviting a complete stranger into our home or fantasy world. We have decided to join a swingers club so she can make me watch her having a group fuck. We are actively looking for the best one to join – can’t wait!