Written by Stupot

13 Oct 2004

Sara stood in the middle of the lounge transfixed by the scene in front of her . Gary was laid back in the armchair , trousers round his ankles , being given head by Glynis . For what seemed an age ,time stood still. They hadn't heard us come in , both startled they surveyed us , Sara in her 'kit' me in just a pair of boxers . 'Join in, there's plenty to go round' Glynis murmured .To right there was . Gary was impressive , 8" maybe , but the girth was a thick as a baby elephants trunk (well almost). He held his hand out to Sara and she went to him .Sitting her on the edge of the armchair he pulled her head down and gave her a light kiss . To be honest , for a moment i began to feel a little bit uncomfortable with this situation . Yes we had talked and fantasied about it but now it was a reality. Sara responded to the kiss slowly at first . Little kisses became longer , more frantic and i knew she was really up for this. Glynis was back down on Garys cock , gorging herself. Me , i had taken a deep breath and was still coming to terms with the situation. Glynis seemed to notice this and came over to me . 'Your turn now' and she pulled my cock before i could move . Wow could she give head . She couldn't have sucked me for more than a minute and was about to errupt . I tried to push her away but she was being one greedy woman . I exploded my cum in her mouth . 'Sorry' i wimpered , 'Don't be , you can return the favour' she said , wiping the rest of my cum of her lips. A sense of reality struck me . 'Lets go up to the bedroom , don't want the kids walking in' . Captain Sesible me , even during these times. Sara commondeered the bed , straddling Gary so her pussy was over his face and she began to devour his length in her mouth . Saras favourite is oral and she was really making Gary work . It was worth it , i caught her eye but she seemed to look straight thogh me . She'd gone into her own little world oblivious to anything else. Glynis was sitting in our rocking chair , legs apart one over each arm rest . I had noticed she was pretty before , but had never really in a sexual way . Here she was before me , naked , peirced belly button and a small tattoo of a tiger on her left hip . A real turn on for me . I began to eat her , she grabbed my hair and wiped her pussy across my face, she was horny and was telling me what to do . To be honest i never heard a word . I was obviously doing it right because she was getting wetter and wetter , my hair felt like it was being pulled out as she pulled my tongue into her . 'Swap over' she said . She straddled me , so my cock was inside her . She didn't move but kept tensing her vagina mucles around my cock and then releasing them . the effect was fantastic . She was obviously starting to climax , inbetween snogging my face of , her nails were raking my back and her bites were all over my shoulders , she came with a violent shudder . Fucking hell , i thought that was some shag. Slapping noises grabbed my attention . Sara was riding Gary . She'd lowered herself onto him and was now working a steady rhythme, he had her hands on her hips and when she started to slow he slapped her buttocks to quicken her again . 'Cum you bastard cum' she pleaded . Gary pushed her off and told Glynis and I to hold her legs apart . This we did , Sara laid there offering no resistance . ' Do you want my all of me ?' . Sara whimpered something as he slowly inched into her . Sara gave a loud gasp , it was all in , and he began to slowly pump in and out . Sara began to moan as he quickened his thrusts. We let go of her legs and she wrapped them round his back , hanging on for dear life . She was trying to snog him but he wasn't having none of it , he was near to coming and was concentrating on fucking her real hard. Sara let out a scream , and fell back on the bed , limpless and sobbing as her climax wiped her out . Seconds later Gary came , spraying his cum all over her pussy , tits and face.

There was a little embarrasment over breakfast next morning but this was soon gone as it emerged that Gary and Glynis were 'old hands' at swapping . They are members of a club in Manchester and have invited us up there at Christmas .

When the'd gone home we talked about the events of the weekend and to be honest we'e still unsure about swapping with strangers . Christmas in Manchester may change our minds . Who wants to change our minds ?