Written by Dean

3 May 2005

This story is very true and iv wanted to write about it for a while now,so here goes...

my wife and i live close by to sandwell valley, shes 35,long blonde hair, nice tits and very nice pussy, also very pretty, iv been on to her for ages now to have a 3 some with another guy and spice our sex life up with a bit of flashing and so on , but untill last summer i had no joy with her, to cut a long story short one hot day last summer we were having a great fuck at home and as usual i went on about us going up sandwell valley and me showing her off to a few guys up there, out of the blue she said ok lets go up there now ,but dont get to carried away its just a bit of fun nothing to over the top ok. well to say i was flabagasted was an understatment.

it was about 2 in the afternoon when we got to the car park and she was realy horny, all she had on was a very short lycra skirt tiny little crop top and no under wear on what so ever,we got out of the car and started walking up the hill into the woods, i looked around and there were already 2 guys following us, i told my wife thinking this might put her off a bit but she said ok then you better start showing me off like you keep saying you want to,i was so exited my hands were shaking,as we got to a thiker part of the woods i looked around to make sure the guys were still there but i could only see one so i gently lifted my wifes skirt up so the guy could see her bare bum, i then turned her around so he could see her pussy, at that he pulled his cock out and slowly walked towards us,i wisperd to my wife if she was ok and she said yes carry on ,so i started to play with her pussy ,by now the guy was right next to us and openly wanking his cock infront of her,i then slid her top down to her belly to show him her tits and he just grabed one of them and started sqeezing it and pulling on her nipple,she was leaning up against me and started to moan ,all of a sudden he just groaned and shot his load all over his hand and the floor, i was a bit pissed off hed done this so quick , thinking i may have got her to go a bit further but now hed blown it,after hed cum he zipped up and said thanks and walked off fairly fast, i was just thinking that was going to be it when my wife said she had an idea she wanted to try , she wanted to walk round the woods on her own and see what happend but she made me promise to watch from a distance and come running if anything bad happend ,ie; some guy pushed her further than she wanted to go, this idea was more than i could have hoped for and i willingly agreed, so off she went and i must say the way she was dressed she looked like she was up for it i stayed well behind but kept her well insight, a guy came walking past her and said hello to her as he passed she said hi back and just as she passed him lifted her skirt up just high enough to see the bottom of her bum,as she carried on walking he turned to have a look at her and stoped in his traks looking at her,as i came up to him he said hey mate have you seen her shes gotta be up for it she just pulled her skirt up, i said im sure she is iv just seen her wank a guy off in the woods over there,at that he strted walking back her way so i slipped off the path and followed ,as he got close to her she walked off the path aswell and stood under a tree, the guy stood there for a few seconds then pulled his cock out and blatently walked toward her,as he got next to her i could hear him say she had a lovely arse and hed like to see more,1st of all my wife looked around to see if i was still about when she had seen me she smiled and lifted her skirt up and showed him her cunt, the guy was wanking him self and got very carried away he slipped a finger straight up her cunt and she just stood there and let him whith his other hand he played with her tits and then amazingly she grabbed his cock and wanked him which i didnt think shed do , i was standing there with my cock in hand wanking and very exited, after a while he asked if he could fuck her, she looked up and over to me and sort of pulled a face as though asking if i minded,the guy still didnt know i was there so i gestured to her to go ahead and blew her a kiss, she asked the guy if he had a condom on him to which he replyed no, she said she couldnt do it with out, on hearing this i tried to catch her attention as i had several condoms on me just in case, to be honest id bought them as more wishfull thinking than anything,as she looked up i waved one at her, she smiled and said to the guy she might have one with her, at this i threw it as hard as i could and it landed just behind the guy ,she amazingly managed to pick it up with out him seeing and gave it to him ( i have to say at this point fact is stranger than fiction and this is compleat fact as it happend just so you know) any way the guy asked her how she wanted it to witch she replied "from behind ill bend over and hang on to the tree" the guy then slipped the condom on and held her hips while he enterd her from behind ,i was shaking like a leaf with exitment and couldnt stop my legs from shaking aswell, to see her being fucked by a compleat stranger like this was a fantasy i never thought would come true and she was loveing it he was humping away like a good un and she was moaning and pushing hard back on him, it must have lasted about 4-5 mins only and he came groaning and fucking her hard, he pulled out of her pulled the condom off and said she was fantastic and without a second glance back scurried off (amazing)

i went over to her and told her that was the most sexiest thing id ever seen , she said she was still horny as fuck and wanted to carry on for a while to which i compleatly agreed and couldnt beleive my luck;

i have to stop now but if you want to hear more please ask,

this is a genuine story and my wife knows iv posted it, its hard to put what happend in text but i hope you get the idea the day didnt end there and wev had a few good encounters since,we arnt hardent swingers but from time to time do have some fun.