Written by kev

2 Oct 2004

I have always been a secret crossdresser wearing my wifes stockings , suspenders and sexy panties when she goes out . But i got careless (leaving cumstains in her panties) , She caught me red handed by coming home very early.

That nite she had me parade up and down in her sexy lingerie

whilst ridiculing me, ending with me cumming in a wine glass which she insisted i drink for her ..

After that she took control and over a period of time in return for me dressing in her underware i have to submit to her ,which includes her caning me, also drinking my own cum almost every otherday.

When she goes out now she blatently dresses in very sexy suspenders and stockings and short skirts and tells me shes going to have a real man !!

When she arrives home after a few drinks she takes great pleasure in having me lick her spunk filled pussy out while telling how good her fucking was. she has even brought a guy home and sucked him off then cum thro to me in the spare room and kissed his cum into my mouth.

The worst humiliation was both of us going out dressed to kill and ended up with me sucking off another tv while she watched until he came in my mouth. she loved this ! then i had to watch while she got a good fucking and sucked off a guy. But i was so turned on by the sight of my wifes panties down and this huge cock pounding into her , that i ended up spunking into my own panties. now this is a regular event .