Written by My wife

12 Dec 2006

This is a story my wife sent to me when I was away I hope you enjoy it as much as I did coments would be great,

I went to work dressed in my black skirt with the slits and white shirt buttons undone slightly revealing a white lace bra underneath. I stocking on with lace tops which I knew would be revealed when I sat and crossed my legs. richard had been looking at me in that way for days - I knew what he was thinking. I had caught him watching me whilst I spoke to customers or on the phone.

i arrived and made the tea....as I walked upstairs noticed Richard was watching - looking at my legs as I took the stairs. The stocking were sheer and black but very thin... my skirt swirling around my legs as I walked. I made the tea and took it downstairs as i put his cup on his dress I reached across causing my blouse to become taut across my breasts,,,, I saw his eyes follow and his tongue lick his lips. I smiled and moved back to my desk.

The morning dragged out with the usual routine - customers coming and going, phone ringing. I was talking to a guy about his bqathroom for about an hour and noticed Rich getting irratated - he finally left with me promising to draw up a plan and quote his bathroom requirements. as soon as he went out the door - he called him a waste of time. I asked what he meant and he said all he did was look at my chest - wouldnt spend any money was more interested in me. I just laughed but was surprised at his irratation. I moved over to the shared Pc to draw up the plan and Rich kept banging into me - and then leaned b ack and started chatting - I continued with the plan but chatted back. I turned to ask a question and noticed his eyes on my lap - my skirt had slid apart and just 1/2 inch of lace was revealed......I slowing moved my hand down and rubbed my leg tracing up with my fingers slipping under the material of my skirt and then looking a him pulled it back over my leg - at the same time running my tonguw over my lips.I could see him catch his breath.

I wish you wouldn't do that! Do what I ask? You know /.....no I say and carry on with my plan. It is warm and the heat is making me perspire and I can smell my scent and that of my perfume. I turn to get paper and rush against Rich's back - I hear his intake of breath. God I want to kiss you he says. I laugh and say well we have work to do and Andy will be back soon.

I offer to make tea and walk upstairs.........he follows coming up behind me slipping his arms around my waist. God you smell good he says. his hands roam my tummy, over my hips gripping feeling - god have you stockings on he asks - I might do I say. He turns me around and leans me against him. I can feeel his arousal and i press my breasts into him...hmmmm i hear m=him moan. His hands hold my head and he lowers his head and kisses me...i feel his hands slowly moving up and one cups my breast god you feel so good he says. firm hot and sexy. I kiss him back pulling him hard against me so my leg is grinding against his hardness. I can feel his heat.his hands start exploring my body - but we are both conscious that anyone could walk in. we kiss long and hard his hands feeling my breasts - i slip a hand into my top and tease my nipple as he watches. i see his eyes darken.... i undo a button and he sees my bra i pull it to one side revealing a very hard erect nipple. Come suck it I say ........he lowers his head and puts his mouth onto it flicking it with his tonguw and sucking it into his mouth hard.

we kiss again and i move his hand under the material of my skirt and let him feel the skin at the top of my stockings - he moans and i move his fingers to slip under the lace of my panties - fuck he says closer and closer i move his fingers until he feels my heat. OH yes ..............I move away and run my hands over his arousal....he responds by growing in my hands..... I undo the top button of his fly.... oh yes he wants more.

I slip in my hand and feel his erection - it is gettign there...I start to move my fingers up and down running one over the tip teasing him... I pop the other buttons to get better access. I stroke and rub his cock freeing it from the trousers and his shorts... I turn and lean back against him and as I do I lift my skirt and rub his erection against the bear skin of my ass. He groans wanting to push in....not possible. I grip his cock with the cheeks of my ass and he moans telling me he wants to push into me....if I just bent forward... I feel him rubbing it back and forth against my pussy. I start to becoem wet and moist. I lean over a little and he says he likes my ass and rubs faster against me.....I bring my hand under my body and stroke at thesame time. I feel him grow and he says he could cum if i carry on....

a noise - we stop but it is nothing and I sit up on the side of the kitchen unit and rub myself as he strokes his cock... I see it getting bigger...... he is excited by watching me. I slip a finger under my panties and rotate my fingers over my clit and then push one into me - that makes him hot and his movements becoem faster and faster.... i see the head glistening ....i pull out my hand - oh dont stop he says and move my hand to my face. I slowly suck on my finger and then return it to my panties. He strokes faster and the next minute he says he has tos top - i tell him not to. He starts to shoot his load......... on the floor of the kitchen - he moves to a sink. The rest is spurted into the sink.

We hear the door and both scrabble to put our clothes straight - go down stairs and it is andy - I pick up cups. Do you want a cup of tea I ask. Oh yes he says. I walk back up stairs wondering if he guesses. where is Rich? Oh in the back room gettign an old invoice i say. I go back up stairs and Rich has straightened his clothes but looks shaken - and it clearing up the spill quietly before getting the file from back room and going back to his desk.

I took the tea down stairs and Rich couldn't ddrink it quickly enough - cant think what made him thirsty..........can you/