Written by Steve Palmer and Sue

25 Jan 2004

Whenever my wife, Sue, fancies sex she changes from a shy housewife to a cock hungry slut. She fantasises about having two to three cocks at once and loves me to talk dirty telling her stories of black cock thrusting into her cunt.

Just lately, at night when she wants cock, she has started to stand naked in our bedroom window. We have a bay-fronted house in Harrow and she stands in the corner of the bay facing down the street towards the main road. She stands in between the curtains and the glass so, even though she doesn't put the light on, anyone looking up would see her as there is a lampost just outside the house. The window starts quite low down - low enough to just reveal her pubic hair but not her cunt. At first when she spotted a man coming up the street she would come back in, but as time went by she stayed there, as knowing someone might see her naked turned her on. From the outset she would play with her tits, cupping them in her hands and pushing them up and down. Her nipples would go hard and she'd push her tits against the glass.

Whenever she thought a man may be looking she went up on tip toes as she wanted him to see her cunt as well. I would always ask "has he seen you?" as the idea of someone else seeing her naked made my cock really stiff. She would reply "I think so", but strangely not many men stopped to look despite the fact that she has a great figure with 34f tits. Perhaps they were too embarrassed!

Then one night a group of 3 men were passing. Sue said "there are 3 men coming up the road", as usual I said "have they seen you?" and she said "Yes, one of them is pointing up at the window and showing his two mates! ... and now they've stopped below the window" I thought that she might lose her nerve and come back in but instead she started playing with her tits even more and straining on tip toes to try and give them sight of her cunt! She pressed her whole body against the window and her tits were flattened!

I normally stayed in bed while she did this playing with my cock until she came to bed, but I was really frustrated knowing 3 men were looking at her but couldn't see the cunt. I got out of bed and looked out of the window carefully so the men wouldn't see me. They were standing there looking - one actually had his cock out and was wanking! I got behind Sue and lifted her up so they could see her cunt. We had a desk in the bay and I told Sue to lay on it as I pushed it nearer to her window. As she was mad for cock she did as she was told. I then told her to spread her legs apart - I pulled her legs up above her head - wide open - and pushed her from the base of her spine nearer the window so the 3 men could see her wide open, sopping wet cunt. She then played with herself, pulling her cunt open and fingering herself until she came!

When she looked out of the window the men had gone..... Although it was great it was also a shame that they just stood there and watched. If they had rung the bell I would have let them in and I know in that mood Sue would have let them do anything they wanted - she would have let them fuck her cunt and arse and would have sucked their cocks - probably all at once!

I wonder if any of them visit this site - if they do, or if there are any other men who would fuck rather than watch - I'm sure Sue would love to do it all again but this time move on to cock sucking and fucking!!!