Written by graham

9 Sep 2004

ive seen a few stories on here which happen on holidays,well this is what happened last year to me and my wife while we were in tenerife.

im 47 and pam my wife is 46,she still as a good figure and we often talk during sex about pam fucking other men although she never has.

we were staying next to four young lads all nineteen and twenty.

during the stay the lads would bring different girls back to their appartment and could be heard having sex with them throughout the night.

some nights me and pam would fuck while we heard the moans from next door which turned us both on enormously.

whilst out one night we bumped into 2 of the lads and got talking to them. i mentioned to them about the noise that was made when the girls went back with them and we all ended up laughing about it.

after about half hour phil asked pam for a dance they danced for 3 songs and were quite close at some points as phil talked into pams ear.

when they returned we finished our drinks and said good night.while walking back i asked pam what they talked about and pam told me phil had asked her did she get turned on hearing them fuck women next door.

she suprised me by telling me she had admitted that sometimes we fucked at the same time. i couldnt beleive pam had told this young guy that,but then she admitted to me that he had told her he wished it was her he was fucking not some young girl.

i asked her how she felt about that,and she told me he was a very handsome young man and felt flattered by his attention.

as soon as we returned to our room i ripped her dress off and fucked her against the wall,all the time asking her did she want to fuck phil. every time she replied yes and orgasms at least three times. just before i emptied by balls into pam i told her i would let her fuck phil.

we had 2 days of the holiday left, and i asked pam again the following morning did she still want to fuck phil? i think she thought all the talk the previous night was just our usual fantasy stuff and seemed suprised but eventually admitted she would love to.

so over the last 48 hours of our holiday ,pam procedded to flirt with phil at every opportunity.the last day we were back in our room and pam was sat outside in just her bikini bottoms when i heard her talking to phil over the balcony.my cock sprang up and was rock hard as i sat on the bed listening to my wife and this young guy talking about the sex that they had both had over the holiday.

i heard phil asking where i was and pam told him i was sleeping,he asked her over for a drink and i heard her accept.

i watched her get up and climb over the wall with a helping hand from phil into his appartment. she was still only wearing just her bikini bottoms and was now out of sight.

i put my ear to the wall and could hear not just phils voice but at least another if not two of his mates aswell.

and my almost naked wife was in there with them.

my heart was beating like a steam train as i heard them laughing and talking,then suddenly the talking and laughing stopped.and all i could hear was movements and then after a short while i heard the familiar moans of pam and knew something sexual was happening.

pams moans grew loader and i could also make out the movements of the squeaky bed which we heard most nights. was she being fucked? if so by who? how many? then a male voice shouted quite loadly that he was coming and shouted for her to take it take it take it take it all.

his groans were load and then subsided as i continued to hear pams getting loader and the bed getting noiser.

oh yes thats it i heard my wife shout....thats it right there....oh fuck yes thats it.....wot ever and whoever was doing it pam was loving it. she must have orgasmsed quite heavily given the noise she made.

i heard another male grunting and i guessed he was cumming.

all then fell silent for about ten minutes with just talking taking place,that was it i thought, until i heard pams moans begin again.

this time it was a much heavier session with the lads now much more confident and relaxed i began to hear at least one of them talking dirty to her(which i know she loves). at one point i thought the bed would collapse whoever was fucking her was fucking her real good.

pam was sceaming with pleasure and began to shout and call them bastards each time another orgasm ripped through her.

i had wanked at least four times and was still trying to wank more when i heard the boys door open and close and another male enter their room.

i was still unsure how many boys had fucked her and now someone different was in the room.

he obviously got stuck in right away by the sounds pam was making.

until after what seemed like 4 days not 4 hours i heard her making her way back to our apartment.but not before a few load smacks were heard against her bum as she walked towards the door.

afterwards she had told me how the biggest lad dave had held her and phil had smacked her bum cheeks quite hard several times. leaving his hand prints all over her red bum.

she came back into the room kissed me and ran a shower for us both.

i had no spunk left to fuck her and had to wait until 3 hours later.

she had marks over her tits,neck,legs and bum and asked me how much i enjoyed listening to her getting fucked?

i told her how difficult it was not seeing anything and how i just had to imagine it all.

after she had given me evry detail,she promised me next time i could watch!!!!

roll on next time