Written by Bobo

8 Dec 2004

I'd like to share with your horny readers an experience of mine;since it's nearing Christmas,and this is one Christmas experience I'll never forget! This isn't the first time she's cuckolded me,but it's one of the most poignant. If your readers let me know they liked this,I'll post more. We'd also like to hear from other cuckold couples and women who've enjoyed this tale,etc.

My wife is a fair amount older than me;I was always attracted to older women,and I realise now my wife chose me because I'm quiet and easy to control,as well as being horny and yet pliable. Well,anyway, This is the account of my awful cuckolding by my sexy wife-an experience at Christmas one year. What she did,to humiliate me,and get her poor teased cuckold further under her thumb.

Theresa had been a very good,respectable wife to me for a while since she was last unfaithful,not doing anything rude at all,but you`ll see she had a nefarious plan all along. Near Christmas,the local sports club had a charity night,and Theresa insisted I went,and enjoyed a rowdy night out,as rumour had it they were having a stripper on,performing her services for free,to raise funds for the local charity the night was for. So I went,despite my doubts-[this club had a bit of a wild reputation,and I was unsure about going.]-but I found it boring,and would have left if Dave,the captain of the local rugby team,hadnt made me stay,saying how good the stripper was and that I just had to see her. I didn't know why Dave was being friendly to me,as I'd hated Dave and his friends in school many years back;they used to hassle and bully me,and had never been my friends at all. Well,By 10.00.,when she was due on,the place only had about 30 people in there,and I nearly choked on my beer when the compere announced,"MRS.THERESA CONNELL!" and lo and behold, onstage strutted my wife-,to a loud C.D. of that raunchy old-time strip music! I realised those evening "dance lessons" my wife had been going to were obviously to teach her how to do raunchy striptease!

She was dressed in a long silk gown, with her hair its usual siren-blond but now brushed up in a glamorous style. She shrugged off the gown to reveal herself clad in classic wild-west whorehouse gear:-red&black lace bra,matching panties and suspenders,and heavily seamed black fishnet stockings,with tarty red slippers showing her crimson toenails through their open-toe design. I could hardly believe it,as his own wife showed her skill at the sleaziest moves,as if she`d been a pro stripper for years!! She made fucking motions on the chair,and eyed everyone in a sultry fashion:and now she popped off her bra, revealing long glittery tassels hanging from her big red nipples! She turned and gyrated her body to the music,so the tassels swirled in fast,tight circles,this way and that,with the coarser people cheering and shouting at her,"C`mon,Theresa,make `em whirl around! Yeah!-WHOOOSSHHH!!!" I can hardly describe my feelings,seeing my sexy mature wife flaunting herself in public..I wondered why,and how, could she do this to me?? She even stepped offstage,with her hands buried up in her hair; going to the two young lads on the front table,and she smiled warmly at them, as she stuck her chest in their faces and twirled the fucking hell out of the titty-tassels for them,-making her tits wobble together obscenely!! One lad stuck a cherry in her cleavage,and she jiggled it around in there,before she let him lick it out!

Back onstage,she really went for it now,slowly jerking her stockings down her legs as they all stared,and flicking them off her sexy toes into the audience. She strutted about,then posed and teased her panties down over her bum, and right off, and finishing by running them up and down under her crotch,clenching her buttocks to the music`s last few bars and jerking her hips outrageously! She swung her hips and made lewd flicks of her pelvis,pulling tongues at them all as she did it! Finally, as the song "The Stripper" pounded to its' brassy end, she actually bent over with her arse to the audience,and looked at me over her shoulder,smiling mockingly at my blushing face,as she suddenly yanked open her buttocks on the last beat of the song,and stayed posed there, exposed and naked, with her brown arsehole and fanny showing, for all to view!! The cheers and wolf-whistles of all the coarse onlookers filled the room,with those of my enemies seeming the loudest..."Oh,God!" I thought,as they all crudely cheered for my wife!!!

Once the cheers etc.had stopped,she came to the microphone, and said that as it was for such a good cause, she would let anyone come up and have a sniff of her fanny and arse, if they put a tenner in the charity box! Another roar went up,and loads of people queued up! The music playing was now Shirley Bassey's "Hey Big Spender," but everyone was singing,"Hey,Theresa The Stripper-Let`s...Have a Smell of your Bum!!!" I looked on as the first in line,a lad of about 20,bent to spread her arse, and stuck his face between her peachy bumcheeks,as everyone egged them on. She smirked back at the lad, winked and flexed her nutty brown bumhole in and out as he snuggled his face in,breathing deeply! I was so embarrassed, but trying not to come too,as he sat there,transfixed. There were even girls in the queue....Suzanne and Yanna,a blond and a black girl, who were known to be local hard-boiled types despite their sexy looks,were next in line. I nearly cum in my pants, as Suzanne had her turn,smelling Theresa's scent,-and then Yanna, the dark girl,parted my wife's buttocks with her black thumbs,growling,"Cor,Theresa,you horny old slapper!" and just shoved her cheeky young face in Theresa's bumcrack,and had a really good,loud sniff... and came up shouting "MMMM,,,Hey Bobby,your white momma's got a real sweet arse! Weeee,we love her sex-stink! MMM-MMMM!!!!!..I'll have to shag your wife one day!!!" Yanna even stroked a black finger along Theresa's fanny,and over her arsehole,then sucked it...and finished her turn by slapping Theresa's bum before walking off,making my wife go,"Oooh!" and giggle! I thought I'd better get out of there before I did spunk in his pants after that, so I went to the toilet cubicles and frantically wanked off,in shame and misery,still hearing the voices from the next room,as my wife willingly let everyone sample her smell, and humiliate her for charity! I went in the other bar to cool off for a bit! Some of my worst enemies were even in the queue, all smelling my beloved wife in the arse like a bitch on heat!

On my return,most people had left,and it was closing time. Theresa was sitting with Dave and Jason,his team-mate,who was a rough,dark,half-black half-gypsy breed..... but I was relieved to see she was dressed again. We had a last drink. Dave went,"Hey,Bobby,I told you the stripper was good,didn`t I??" and Jason added,"Ohh,yehh,what a tassel-twirler!" to which Theresa laughed,giggling,and the flirting went on! However,when I got up to have a piss,the guys followed me,and as we stood at the urinal,they were all still half-erect over Theresa. I'm not that much of a little-dick-a good seven solid inches,in fact-...but they must have been nearly ten,if they got erect. As I was leaving,the guys blocked the way,saying they wanted "a word". I would have turned vicious and attacked them really nastily and violently,if they`d said anything homosexual to me!-but it was instead about Theresa,-and I was devastated,hearing what they said about my wife!

Dave said,"Bobby,listen....you may as well know right now that we`ve sponsored Theresa for something else,too... Jason and I have both put a big wad of cash in the charity collection, for her to take us back to your house after closing time;..and she's agreed-to let us shag her! It's happening, whether you like it or not; and we're doing her properly,too,...that is,everywhere our cocks will fit!!....Bobby,you better understand that OUR BIG DICKS are going up YOUR wife's ARSE tonight!!!...Okay???" Jason cut in,"Know what we mean? Your sexy little wife has sworn and promised us her Bumhole..her Dirtbox...her Shit Chute...her Brown Rosette!....Our massive willies are splurging all the way up it,tonight...whether you like it or not! Right,Dave?" "Yeah," Dave replied,"Right the way up her bum! Any problem with that,Bobby??" Bob looked up at them and quietly replied "Erm,..No! No problem!" I only said it to get out of there,but they took it as if I'd agreed!

Theresa grinned in glee..She said,"They offered so much for the charity,which you know I care about so much,Bob..I couldn't refuse these nice blokes their rude offer! And anyway,it's agreed now,and everyone heard me promise,too...We can't stop it now,I've got to sleep with Dave and Jason!!" I went beetroot red,and in total shame,I agreed,to my wife's indecent plans to prostitute herself for charity. Theresa smirked,"Okay,it`s on,then! you can pull your willy up and down for me,as these nice men do the dirties to me! You`re my C.C.C.-my Christmas Cornhole Cuckold!!" she beamed,as if she was being kind,and not cruel,as was the obvious truth! I said nothing,hanging my head!

Back at the house,we were soon all naked in our marital bedroom,with me relegated to a corner,feeling I was in a dreamworld almost,this was so surreal to me;-but I suppose the ale had helped me accept things. Theresa knelt,cock-worshipping the big bullies, deep-throating their whole lengths and tickling their balls with a feather,even sliding her finger under them to go twisting up their arseholes as she sucked them off noisily. The way my wife could gulp their huge hairy dicks down her throat and groan in ecstasy was a surreal sight to me. She got them going more when she gave Dave the "Tit-roll" he demanded,rollicking and pummelling his dick in her cleavage,licking the end of his knob and letting her nipples rub on his balls and pubes,while she hummed away happily. Dave gloated,going" Yeerrss!- Wehaayy!-Romper-Stonker!-..Theresa Tit-Roll!"

Soon,Dave couldn't wait;he said,"Okay,Theresa,that's enough of your tit-roll;..now give me a SHIT-ROLL!!!" And he lay her on her side,on the bed. She flicked up one buttock with a finger,exposing her bumhole and fanny to my gaze...before Dave lay behind her,and began rubbing his dick over her cunt,slipping it in a few times,making her sigh,then rubbing it over her arsehole,getting it wet. I just went redder and redder,as my old school bully began easing his big dick up my wife's arse! "Uuurrhhhlllll,I Love it!" Theresa went,grinning cruelly at her hubby. When I went,"No,Theresa!-Don't!" and clutched myself,with my sperm shooting out uncontrollably,my wife giggled,"Oohh,yes! That's it! Do all your poor teased willy-juice for me,as this nice man does the Dirties to me! Mmmmmm,good boy!!" It was unbelievable..my wife was letting my old school bully fuck her up the arse,and loving it! Dave even picked her up,and she braced her bare feet against the wall,trying to keep herself steady,as the big rugger-bugger bounced her on his dick,jiggling her tits aggressively and shoving his big sweaty dick right up her "Brown One"! "Ooohhh! Whoooo-a-Whoooo,you Dirty Man!!" she went,faking indignation!

Then she sent me out,into the spare room,to sleep there. However,naturally I didn't get much sleep,hearing them at it all night. The bedstead was often banging against the wall,and I was permanently hard, I couldn't keep my erection down, despite my pain and anguish. I kept wanking myself off, as I heard the two big sportsmen having my wife all night, really bollocking her all round the room,and her passionate,lusty groans of,"HUUUULLLGGHH,.....AAAALLLLGGHHH.....OOOOOOUUUURRRGGHHH!!"- climaxing a lot louder than she did with me. I wondered at what points they were cornholing her that night,too;she never let me do that to her.

I did get to see a fair amount of their sex,though,as Theresa called for me to bring her things several times during the night:-[refreshments,and her kinky sex things,etc.] The first time I went in the room,Jason had her arse in the air on the bed,his cock lodged in her bum,and he was straddling her like a porn stud,vigorously thrusting his huge meat right up her tight arsehole. She was going,"Uh-UUhh-Uuhhh!!"and rubbing her pussy as his balls slapped on her bumcheeks!! I got erect again,and Jason laughed at me,and said he was about to come. Theresa said,"Let him see!" and Dave put my head close to my wife's backside,as Jason grunted,letting his cock throb in Theresa's ring,and aggressively spat his cum deep inside her bum! Jason went,"Whooo! Up yer wife's bum! Isn't that great,eh,Bobby?? You shithead wife-watcher!" Jason growled and wrung out the last drops of his sponk up her arse;and my wife cum,grinning wickedly at me as she let him spooge up her shithole! It was unbelievable,seeing one's wife groaning and grinning in your face,as some swart,evil twat sponks up her arse!!!

Another time,she was getting something almost unspeakable done to her by Dave... Yet another time, I walked in to find them both having her,Jason in her fanny and Dave up her arse! They sluiced their dicks in and out her holes alternately,like waves,and she was coming so hard she seemed half in torment!

In the morning,when she made me clean up after their sex,once the guys had left,she told me they`d done other dirty things,including that she`d even licked them clean after they bumfucked her,and many other things.There was even a few polaroids of her doing that,and letting Jason`s thick hot sponk shoot in spurts all up along her tongue!

This is how his life had become...sexy slut-wife dominating the cuckold footslave hubby!