Written by diddy

29 Jul 2018

It all started when me and the wife were flicking through some porn channels, we came across a woman fucking a guy with a big black strap on.

She said wow I would love to do that to you, jokingly I said you can if you buy one and thought nothing of it.

Next day at work she text me to say she had a surprise for me when I got home.

I got home she to me to get upstairs and strip naked so I did she then came in naked also and started to suck my hard cock I then asked well where is my surprise,

She then said ok in you come and in walked a young black guy stroking a massive cock she said I was going to buy a strap on but thought you might prefer the real thing he then went behind her and slid his big cock into her wet pussy she said just lubricating it for you and told me to get on my knees she then proceeded to feed his cock into my asshole it feel massive but he took his time till it was all in then he gave my ass a good pounding the wife was loving it thing is so did i