Written by Bob

16 Jun 2004

My Wife's First 3-some Just another Saturday afternoon

It all started one Saturday while reading group sex stories on line! My wife Karen and I experienced a day that we will always remember. Karen is 39-yrs 5’-7” 135lbs blonde hair and hazel eyes 38-c breasts very firm with a body to match, a real head turner, and I'm 45-yrs 5’-11” 250lbs brown hair blues eyes. We have been happily married for 16 years and it was this day that will be in our minds forever!

It was around 2:00 p.m. on Saturday when I found your website. After reading few stories I called my wife over to read them with me, she is always giving me hell when I’m I called on the Web because I never include her, but today was different. I was getting hot while reading gang-bang stories. I always wanted to try a threesome with my wife but we never discussed it. Within about 45 minutes of her reading these stories she started to get horny, I could see it in her eyes. As I started caressing her breast she reached over and rubbed my hard cock. As I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans she pulled out my cock and started sucking on it. We shut down the computer and laid on the living room floor. We took off each other's cloths caressing each other, I played with her succulent breasts, and she loves that! As reached between her legs I played with her pussy she started sucking on my cock, long and hard strokes very sensually. It was about 5:00 p.m. and we were just getting into it when Dan a good friend of mine decided to stop by. As Dan approached our front door he glanced into the window only to see Karen's hot wet pussy in the air while she was sucking on my cock. I noticed him and motioned for him to come in, at this time she had no idea that anyone else was around. He opened the door quietly an entered, he stood back just watching as he got a large hard on. I motioned for him to join us. As he unzipped his pants out came his cock, it was much bigger than mine. Now I'm about 8” and thick, he had to be about 10” and about the same thickness. As I held Karen's head down on my cock he reached for her wet pussy. As Dan started to caress Karen’s wet pussy she got a little nervous and attempted to see who was touching her on her wet pussy, but at the same time she was so into it she just enjoyed it and continued to suck on me harder and harder. She had never taken my whole cock before but it was rapidly changing as she moaned with pleasure. Dan then leaned over and started to lick on her clit, she started moaning and groaning louder and louder and grinding her pussy into his face. She continued sucking more and more on my cock she got right down to my balls and was licking them she had never done that before! Karen continued to suck my cock, long and hard strokes as she moaned with pleasure. Dan was really hot; he got on his knees and inserted his 10” hard cock into her hot wet pussy. She never moaned like this before as he pushed his hard cock harder and harder into her pussy. I could feel myself getting ready to explode in her mouth; Karen never enjoyed swallowing cum. I attempted to pull out of her mouth, she would not let me out, and she kept on sucking and sucking on my cock. I could not holdback any longer, I exploded as my cum shot out she kept on sucking, sucking, and sucking every drop of my cum she swallowed. As I laid there going limp she turned to Dan pulling his hard 10”cock from her hot wet pussy and started to suck on his cock, and I mean SUCK! I watched in shock as she took his whole 10”thick cock from top to bottom sucking off her pussy juice. As he shot of his load, she kept sucking on his cock. His cum was dripping from her mouth as she continued to suck and swallow his cum every last drop! By this time I was hard again, my cock throbbing to be in her. I reached over and pulled her head to my cock she started sucking it again. Dan and I continued playing with her breasts and pussy. I then had her sit on my cock; she had her hands on my shoulders and was slamming up and down on my hard cock. Dan kneeled over me while grabbing her head to suck his cock. She inserted his semi hard cock into her mouth and started sucking she was having multiple orgasm’s. It was at that time when I looked up and saw Paul another friend of mine looking into our window. Like Dan he decided to stop by, this was unbelievable. At first I didn't know what to do but after a moment I figured what the hell, I motioned for him to come in he did. As I was laying on the floor with Karen punching her pussy on my cock in and out and Dan 10” hardcock in her mouth, she glanced over at Paul and reached for his cock. As he unclipped his belt and unzipped his jeans out it came a 7” thin pure white cock she started jerking him off. Dan then got over to the right of me and laid on the floor and she laid on me moving her pussy up and down on my cock and continued to suck on Dan 10” hard cock. Paul went to the back of her and started to put his fingers in her ass. I motioned to him to fuck Karen's ass, every time I tried to fuck her in the ass it would hurt to much but today was different! She was so wet that when he put his 7” thin cock in her ass he didn't need any lubricant. Karen started to tremble like a vibrator, as she had never had a cock in her pussy, mouth, and ass before at the same time she started having multiple orgasms. We continued for about 45 minutes with my 8”cock in her pussy, Dan’s 10” cock in her mouth, and Paul's 7” cock in her ass. I started to cum in her pussy and Dan shot off his load of cum in her mouth. Paul couldn't handle seeing us getting off so he pulled out of her ass and came all over her back. We all laid on the floor exhausted it was about 9:30 p.m. we all had never ever lasted this long before. We talked about how it was and how she had never experienced that before but was always a little curious of what something like this would be like. As we talked I watched Dan and Paul caress Karen's legs, ass, thighs, and breast. I was warming up and so was Karen. I watched her reach for both Dan and Paul's cocks caressing and stoking them. As we continued to talk we all got hard and she got wet. Before you know it we where at it again. Dan couldn't hold back he placed her on the floor and mounted her inserting his 10”thick cock into her hot wet pussy she loved it. Paul and I watched for a while as Dan fucked her hard and long she was reaching for our cocks saying let me suck you off! We placed our cocks by her mouth and she started sucking on me, and then him going back and forth it was unbelievable. Dan then rolled over placing Karen on top. She was hot and riding his cock like no tomorrow the sounds coming from her was unbelievable as she moaned I heard her say “fuck me please fuck me harder”. I then went to her backside and saw her heart shaped ass, I inserted my 8” thick cock in it, and she was tight. As I slowly inserted my cock in her ass she let out a moan pain and pleasure and pulled me in. There we were again, Dan’s 10” cock in her pussy, My 8” cock in her ass, and Paul's 7” cock in her mouth she cried in ecstasy as we fucked her harder and harder. As I attempted to pull my cock from her ass I would feel her having an orgasm and insert my cock back in harder and harder. Karen was climaxing and having orgasms left and right. After about an Hour we all shot off our loads. It was unbelievable Karen was covered in cum. As she laid there exhausted she thanked Dan and Paul for a fantasy come true! She then kissed them both on the cheek. She then excused herself to take a shower. As she went into the bathroom to take her shower we were talking how great this was so I suggested for Dan and Paul to come in the bathroom with me and we could watch her take her shower, they did and we all started to get hard again. As I opened up the shower curtain Karen was surprised. As she looked down at our hard cocks she said again! We then stepped into the shower Karen started sucking on Paul and jerking of Dan as I went behind her sliding my hard cock in her wet pussy I fucked her from the back again and again harder and harder it was too good to be true. Here I am fucking my wife in the shower with my friends. It was a day to be always remembered. After I shot off my load Dan and Paul continued. Dan mounting her from the back and Paul squeezing her breasts while she sucked his cock. When Dan started to shot off his load she stopped sucking Paul and turned to Dan’s inserting his cock in her mouth swallowing his full load. As Dan stepped out of the shower, Karen turned to Paul and said it your turn. She started sucking on his 7” cock to the balls as we caressed her ass, pussy, and breasts. Paul shot off his load and she swallowed all of his cum. We then got out of the shower and dressed. Leaving her nude and worn out! Karen then decided filled up the bath tub and took a nice hot bubble bath. I then thanked them both for their unexpected visit. As they went on their way they commented on how great it was and how they never before experienced such a sexual encounter. This is a day we'll always remember they said! Since that Saturday we now make it a point to get on line and read group sex stories. We often talk about that Saturday and when we do we both get horny as hell and fuck and suck for hours!

Written by Bob

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