Written by terry548

24 Jul 2006

Like alot of men I have always had the fantasy of seeing my wife Jacky with another man. For the majority of our married life my wife had gone along with this as a fantasy and had fantasised about being fucked during our love making. Eventually, after 14 years of marriage and badgering her, I did persuade her to actually arrange to do it for real.

We placed an ad in the contact section of a daily newsapaper that ran such ads back in the early 90s and had a massive response. Our original plans were for it to be a gang bang and my wife made several calls to guys whose photos looked interesting to see if they were up for it. We were amazed at how many turned her down as they just wanted her to themselves and not to share her with her hubby or other men. We had shortlisted about 3 or 4 when a late letter arrived from a single guy, Andre, who only lived about 30 miles away. My wife was 35 at the time and this guy was 28 and good looking with a fit body. He had enclosed a nude photo of him in the shower and my wife took a liking to him. She called him and found him very charming on the phone and we eventually agreed to meet just him one night and see what progressed.

We met in a pub and all got on well, my wife obviously turned on by the attentions of a younger man. After a couple of drinks we agreed to go back to his place for a coffee, he said that his housemates were out for the night. WE arrived , had a coffee and and then went up to his bedroom. I popped to the loo (the effects of a couple of pints) and when I acme back they were kissing passionately. We had agreed to film the event and I quickly set up the video on the tripod and began filming. He slowly undid her blouse and pulled off her skirt to leave her in her red bra, pants and suspender belt and stockings. He then pulled the straps of her bra down to expose her breasts which he began to kiss and suck. Jacky moaned in obvious pleasure at his touch. I helped him remove her bra and pulled off her panties to expose her tits and shaven pussy. He fingered her gently which set her off moaning again. She undressed Andre and began to wank his 6.5 inch cock. This was soon followed by her going down and sucking his cock. I took the camera off the tripod and zoomed in on this part which I thought looked great. She came back up his bosy and he licked down hers and began to lick her pussy whilst inserting a couple of fingers in her. He had promised her good oral sex in their phone calls and from Jacky's reaction this was what she was getting. She began to grind her pussy in his face and grabbed the back of hishead and pulled him into her as her first orgasm shook her body. He came up and kissed her and said "That's number one" meaning orgasm, and she went down and gratefully licked and sucked his cock hard again. He laid on his back and positioned Jakcy so that it was a great photo shot of her sucking him in deeper and deeper. She asked me to join them on the bed and she took it in turns to suck each of us. I almost came straight away but managed to hold back. Eventually she got into a 69 position with Andre and I again zoomed the camera on her sucking away greedily at his hard cock. His tongue brought her to her second orgasm of the night.

She lay down and opened her legs, Andre saying "She is in need of a length", which I porovided her with as she passionatley kissed Andre. I couldn't keep going too long as my spunk started to bubble up but she came just as I shot my load into her. I cleaned her up a bit and she lay and cuddled with Andre for a little while until eventually I couldsee he had got very hard again and he pushed her up th ebed on her back and mounted her. She wrapped her legs round his back and pulled him in deep inside her. He began a merciless pounding of her pussy and she kissed him over and over again. He turned her onto her side and entered her whilst holding her thigh. I took this opportunity to feed my cock into her mouth and she sucked away like a good'un. She lay on her back again, legs wide open and I could see her rubbing her pussy as she wanted to cum again. She wasn't quite making it and got onto all fours offeringn her pussy to Andre. He turned her around and offered me her pussy in doggy and he slid his stiff cock into her mouth. He held her head as he face fucked her and I pounded away at her pussy. He pulled out and she crawled up his body to passionately kiss him again whilst wanking his cock which seemed to have got bigger and harder. I couldn't take it any longer and again bathed her pussy with my cum. I had no sooner slipped ouit than she just turnbed through 180 degrees and offered her soaking pusy to Andre. He slipped straight up her and put his hand underneath her to rub her pussy. She turned sideways to look at me with a look of absolute pleasure on her face. He pounded away at her until she put her face in the covers and screamed so loud with the biggest orgams I have ever seen her have. Andre pulled out and sprayed her back all the way up to her hair with his cum.

She lay there and he again started to kiss her passionately as he caressed her tits and pussy. She jusy aly with her eyes closed as he again began to lick her. Just then the bedroom door slowly and quietly opened and 2 other young guys crept in, they were obvioulsy Andre's housemates. They looked slightly younger than Andre and one was black. Andre put his fingers to his liops to tell them to keep quiet, this was obviously pre-arranged and they stripped off to reveal huge erections, the young black kids must have been 10 inches and other guys about 8". Andre pulled away and th ewhite guy mounted Jacky. She opened her eyes at th esize of his cock entering her and made a mild objection but stopped as he fucked away at her. She looked over and saw the huge black cock that she knew would be heading her way and got ontoall fours again and took it into her mouth whilst her pussy was once again

pounded. She was pushing back onto the cock and I could tell she was about to cum again. Th eguy gave one almighty thrust as she screamed through her orgasm and I could tell he was filling her with his spunk. He pulled out and was immediately replaced by the black guy, whoi pushed his huge cock all the way in. Jakcy's eyes bulged with his size but she bwas soon thrusting back at him and telling him to fuck her white pussy. He was calling a her a white slut and black cock lover, to whish she was agreeing. The other huy was hard again and offered his cock to her eager mouth. Andre was also hard again and she reached out to wank him. The timimg was amazing but they all came together, Jacky screaming as the guy pulled out of her mouth and shot spunk all over face, eyes and hair, the black guy pumped her pussy full again and shot thelast drops on her arse, whilst Andre obliged by shooting his spunk on her tits as she rolled over to recover. I joined in by wanking myself off onto her tits as well. She looked a great sight, spunk all over her tits and belly, and on her face, eyes and in her hair. She lay and was kissed and felt by all of us. We cleaned her up a bit and all collpased to sleep.

I was woken at about 7am by the movement of th ebed as Jacky was agin getting a good seing to by the black guy, but this time on his own. She was pulling his bum in deeper and kissing him all the time. Andre and his other housemate were just stood wanking their hard erections, obviosly waiting their turn to fuck my wife again, whish they did for the rest of the morning. It was the experience of a lifetime, I felt jealous as she semed to enjoy their fucking more than we had ever but it was such a turn on.