Written by Chris

25 Oct 2006

My wife and I often talk about her having other guys during our very good sex sessions. I call them sex sessions as we sometimes make love, but sometimes just have very raunchy sex. We have been married 16 years and in all that time neither of us has had other partners. I must admit to having a few whilst at uni, but I know that Ginny has had only one other 'boy', who really only played for 10 minutes before cumming after 5 seconds of entering her.

We have looked on here and wondered whether to advertise for another guy to join us, but she decided it was too clinical, and wanted to pick somebody up whilst out for the evening. She is still attractive after two kids, with a very shapely, curvy figure.

She sometimes went out with friends from work and we enjoyed dressing her in very sexy outfits to suit her figure. We sometimes went shopping for clothes just for her to look sexy in, and she always wore holdups, short skirts, and high heels.

One particular night last year, she was booked to go out to the company do, and it was being held in a public event, where other companies had also booked for their Christmas party.

We decided that this was the night when she would go for it. She looked stunning in a short cocktail dress, and I felt pangs of jealousy as she got ready. It was an incredible feeling of jealousy, but also a stronger emotion of lust, and I am sure that other men in my situation have felt the same.

The arrangement was that she would ring me when she was ready to come home and I would pick her up. I dropped her off at the venue and watched her go in before I drove off. My feelings were intense. I wanted her not to go, but I also wanted her to go even more. I drove home and waited for the phone call which came at 2:00 am. what a bloody long night that was.

I drove to the venue and she was waiting arm in arm with a young guy of about 25. I wasn't expecting this. They got in the back and she said thanks for picking me up and would I drop her friend off on the way. She then explained to her friend that I did a bit of taxiing in my spare time even though it wasn't official. I was a bit surprised at this and even more surprised as she started kissing him in the back seat of my car.

She told me to take the long way home and I could hear them both breathing heavily, and the rustling of clothes. She was making whimpering noises and I adjusted my mirror to see what was going on. It was difficult to see but I could see he had her dress undone and was sucking on her nipples, and I could see her hand in the direction of his lap, but couldn't see what she was doing.

His hand was between her legs and she had her head back, but looking me straight in the eye in the mirror. He whispered something to her and she said that it was ok as I would not say anything to her husband. She laid back on the seat with her legs up, and he climbed between her legs. By this time I was out in the country and pulled into a layby and turned off the engine. He stopped what he was doing, but she said to carry on as she liked the idea of being watched by the taxi driver. He somehow managed to get his cock into her but she was not happy with that, and told him to sit down and she straddled him. She took off her dress and pushed down onto his cock. I could see his cock going into her as he thrust up to meet her everytime she pushed down. Afetr about two minutes, she let out a loud moan and I could see her body go rigid as she came. This was followed immediately by her friend who also groaned loudly as he shot his spunk into her. As she climbed off him I could see his cock glistening with wetness and I was told to start the car and take him home.

Not a lot was said on the way but he continued to kiss her. We dropped him off and I drove to our house where we burst through the door, ripped each other's clothes off and had sex on the living room carpet. The feeling of putting my cock where another guy had just cum was sensational and I lasted all of 30 seconds.

She has since picked up several guys, and likes to be taken home by her taxi driver, who likes to watch her with her 'friends'.