Written by jeff and diane

20 Sep 2004

I had been asking my wife if she would let me watch her with another man for a long time at first she wasnt interested but then began to talk about it while we were having sex then one day she said she would try it but it had to be with a stranger so she started looking in a contact mag that i got for her and she picked out a younger guy he was 33 she is 45 we arranged to meet at a hotel suitable for us both we got there early and after about 30 minutes he arrived they liked each other straight away and after a drink or two i went to the bathroom for about 15 minutes to let them get together when i came back in my wife was on top of him riding him hard after a few minutes he shot his spunk deep inside her they layed there for a bit and then she got off him and kissed her way down his body and took his cock in her mouth he was 8inches and very thick she made a big show of sucking him and licking his shaft it was very erotic seeing my wife with a big cock in her mouth they fucked for about four hours he loved her big tits and played a lot with her very erect nipples then he put her legs over his shoulder and fucked her hard i could see his whole length go in and out of her as she groaned with pleasure it was fantastic she loves it now and insists on meeting men once a month for sex it really is fantastic and she will buy any clothes the gut fancies i am only allowed to watch but she fucks me as soon as they leave cant wait till next time