Written by Terry

26 Jul 2006

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Had to rush to get to the customers we were running late deliveries had held us up. We jumped into his 4 x 4 and left the carpark. I turned and saw Rich watching me...stop it I said, no he said and his hand strayed to my leg...gently stroking it. I had a long black skirt on with a slit up the side and black hold ups with lace tops and white blouse with lace bra underneath.

His hands was stroking and I let mine fall to his leg and stroke in circular motions...I saw and heard the intake of breath and knew he was getting aroused. He looked at me as we stopped at the traffic lights...you have been driving me mad all day he said... I have smelt your perfume your smell as you have passed me... and I felt you rheat when you brushed past me to get the delivery box....! He was a little flushed..and I knew he was hot and bothered. I twisted in my seat and my skirt slipped apart bearing a littl eof my leg and his eyes travelled down to look... I stroked my leg as he watched.

God he said do you know how erotic that is...!!! I smiled and let my hand stroke and slip under the cloth of my skirt to his imagination had to work....what what I doing...he didn't know...He reached out his hand to feel mine throught the material and I pulled it up to the top of my legs letting it brush over my pussy. OH god he groaned. I took his hand and slid it under the material and let him know I had tights....oh no....he turned quickly looking at me...as his hand met skin at the top of them and he gasped...yes I said hold ups and pulled the skirt to flash the lace tops and a bit of skin.

I leaned over and kissed his neck he blushed not used to attention he said and resumed teasing him through trousers all the way.

We arrived at the house and hopped out of the 4 x 4. We had to go around the back of the house to the shed to find a key left for us. I walked ahead and felt him close behind me. As we got to the shed I entered and felt him behind...he pushed into me and I felt his ardour...! I found the key and we moved to the back door...me went in side as we did he pulle dme close and looked at me I leaned to him and kissed him... and then turned and went upstairs.... I felt him watching my ass as i went up the stairs. WEnt into the bathroom and started to measure up... he brushed up against me at every oportunity. I sat on the edge of the bath letting the slit of my skirt open and drew him to me.... he leaned down and kissed me deeply... his hands on my shoulders and i felt his fingers kneading my skin,,,, he said it was so soft...

I stood to carry on and he pulled me close...his hands drawing me in running down my back and sliding to grab my ass. I turned away to continue and he pulle dme against him...his cock was pushing through his pants and begging to get out... I could feel it pushing against my ass. I bent over the sink and pushed agianst him he groaned and told me he wished he was in me. His hands were all over me and his mouth searching out mine.

I moved to tease him to the landing and he followed... as I opened the airing cupboard to check the boiler he came up behind me and brought his hands around me to my waist letting them creep upwards...I let him cup one breat...god you are hot he said....

I ground my hips into his groin and felt his hard on grow... i put my hand back and rubbed it though the material and felt it straining....i started to unzip him and slid my hand in to hold him and started to stroke it back and forth.... I ran my fingers to the tip and found to my surprise it was wet and gooey very wet...with precum.... I pulled it free and turned to him.....looking at him... as I slowly lowered to my knees and ran my tongue around my lips.... as i moved in and let my tongue touch the tip tasting him and lettling my tongue run around his head.... flicking away with my tongue....he groaned....throwing his head back and steadying himself on the bannisters.... After a few minutes I closed my mouth around him and started to suck on him drawing his hard cock deeper into the warmth of my mouth....

He was moaning and then stopped me he was so close and made me stand his hands wandering and sliding under my skirt trying to get to my panties... he felt the lace and pulled them to oen side...touching my pussy....he steadied himself and then stroked me gently.... god I want to get into you he said...... I turned and lifted my skirt oh my god he said....and started to rub him cock into my buttocks.... sliding between the cheeks.... I lent forward ......................his cock was gently rubbing my pussy through the lace panties...........

I let my hands slip under and grabbe dhis cock to rub into me.... hmmmmmm