25 Jul 2006

if you have read our profile you will know that lucy loves cock.hers how she set her record.she has certain outfits we call her i want to be fucked clothes,you know low cut see through etc....well last march i went to the local straight from work so i rang lu to come and get me.anyway there was a stag party from ireland at the pub all drunk and loud but pleasent enough.lu has a thing for the irish so while i finished my beer she got talking to them.after a while i joined her and just listnend to the banter the usual stag nite sort of stuff...lu had on a see throughish white shirt which is one of my particular favorites,so when one of the lads said he thought se looked good in it i agreed and said it was one of lu;s i want fucking shirts.a few of the lads offered to help and laughed but i know my wife and i could see was intrested..i ordered anouther beer and during a lull in the conversation whispered to lu that i had seen her face and knew what she was thinking....after a while 6 of the ytounger lads said they were off to a club 500m down the road the remaining 6 who were a little older 30-40 said they would stay here and meet up later...it was then that lu asked me if i minded a little company in bed that night ...i never do mind as i love to see my wife full of cock..as usual it was left to me to brouch the subject whilst she went to the ladies.i have always found the best way is to just come straight to the point so i asked one of the lads who offerred earlier if he meant what he said and told him idf he did he could,i think he thought i was joking because he said he would if all his friends could when i said ok he looked shocked but began to ask them, they all would love to but couldnt come home as they had promised to meet the others later.....at this point lu returned to be greeted by six horny irishmen all now openly staring at her tits.i told her of the posistion and she said it was no problem she would fuck them on the beach...she looked like he pied piper leading the way down the dunes to a secluded spot...lu sank to her knees and opened her mouth invitingly and had it immediatly filled with hungry irish cock...for the next hour she was fucked in all holes by six cocksin just about every posistion known to man and beast and when she had sucked and swallowed enough sperm to repopulate ireland she still had the energy to fuck and suck a 50 somthing bald dogger who she had spotted watching...then she calmly dressed said goodbye and drove me home where it took maybe five seconds for me to add my seed to theirs