Written by John and Scotty

17 Mar 2004

Recently when my wife Jane was in hospital recovering from a major gynaecological operation she was visited by Scotty, her old college friend. They had known one another for over 30 years. Scotty was now 55 one year younger than me. She was well preserved and had no superflous fat. Her skin was as yet unblemished and she had retained a younger woman's figure. Although unmarried her long-term lover had died from a heart attack 6 months previously. Following the visit I was saying goodbye to Scotty at Liverpool Street station when she suggested we had a meal together in the hotel where she was staying for the night. She had come up from Lowestoft that morning and wanted to spend another day in London to do some shopping. I agreed. It was strange for me to be alone with her. There had always been a degree of chemistry between us and she loved to flirt a little when we were in company.

The hotel meal was delicious. We drank a bottle of Shiraz between us and grew quite amorous. Scotty knew that Jane had been unable to make love to me for some time because of the gynaecological problem and was tantalising me therefore with her skirt hitched up to reveal her ballerina legs and the tops of her stockings. It was time for me to go but Scotty suggested we go to her room where she had coffee making facilities.

Although the room was small it did have a double bed in it. Scotty gave me my coffee. Obviously she was nervous for the cup was rattling in the saucer, It was hot so I put it down. Suddenly she was kissing me. Her mouth gentle and yielding. Her hands fondling my muscular bum. She was saying something in her Suffolk burr but it was almost incoherent to me. Her eyes were misting over. Almost unconsciously we stripped each other down to our underwear. Her alabaster skin and her firm pert breasts were wonderful to see. I delicately felt the area between her stocking tops and satin suspender briefs then carefully slid two fingers into her dank silken haired vulva seeking her love bud. She moaned when I found it. With shaking hands she unbutton my boxer shorts releasing the beast that had been thrashing about inside. I was hard as bone. Soon we were naked and she was on top of me. Her vagina was well lubricated but very snug. I had one hand on her magnificent bum and a finger on her clit that felt the size of an acorn.

"Yess,Yes" she purred in her lovely burr. After a short while my fluid started to rise. She sensed this. My penis helmet was hard against her cervix. I held the sperm back while the mouth of her uterus opened up releasing her climactic juices. Immediately I came in her in a series of jerks and spurts. We clung together in a state of joy then fell into a deep sleep.

It was 3am when we woke; too late for a train home. Instead we spent the early hours making love leaving the marks of our joyful congresses on the hotel's white bed sheets.