Written by Helena

19 Dec 2004

It was the girls in my last job that showed mw this site, at lunch time we would log on and read the many fantastic stories people sent in. Some of them seemed too fantastic to be believable, but what was more unbelievable, was that I would ever have anything to contribute. I am 36, have a steady husband, 3 children, have sex twice a week and never been unfaithful. Till a week gone Saturday that is. I am a model suburban wife.

Last Saturday, I drove down from Perth where I had been visiting an aunt who wasn’t expected to live much past the new year. I’d left the kids with Gareth my husband and travelled up and down alone. To break my journey south, I’d arranged to stay over with friends in Rotherham and travel south the next day. On arrival at Rotherham, I was told that the doctor had just left and that one of the kids had chicken pox, but I was still welcome to stay. As I’ve not had chicken pox, I decided to travel on even if it was late afternoon. I phoned Gareth and he told me not to do it it was late, and to stay over in an hotel.

I booked into one, and had a shower, changed my clothes and looked at the menu, it was terrible. I remembered an Indian that I’d passed about 1 mile back towards Rotherham and headed for that.

It was only about 6:30 and there were only 2 couples in and an chap on his own. I sat a few tables away from this chap and when the waiter took my order, they brought his meal. Just then the door burst open and in walked 4 rowdy yobs in their 20’s I thought.

They sat adjacent to me and almost immediately they started. “ hello love, on yer own?”

“what’s the matter, stood you up has he?”

“don’t worry darling, there’s four of us here, you won’t go short”

I was feeling more than uncomfortable and I must have glanced in the direction of the chap on his own and he caught sight of my worried look.

He rose quietly from his chair, and I saw him properly for the first time. He dressed all in black, shirt, tee shirt showing in his open collar, black jeans. He was about 5-9 and though not big, was powerfully built. He had brown cropped hair but not too short, and though he wasn’t handsome as Pierce Brosnon, he was good looking, but most of all, he commanded a presence. He looked to me about 40 to 42 or so, I later found out he was 53. (I hope Gareth looks half as good a 43)

He moved to the table that the yobs sat at, and in a very noticeable Geordie brogue, said “the lady wants an apology”

The yob leader, replied, “you what mate”

“Deaf as well as stupid” the Geordie replied, “the lady wants an apology”

“Yer and who’s gonna make us”

As he said this, the yob sitting behind the Geordie started to rise from his chair, and what happened next, is still hard to picture as it happened so fast and the result was so spectacular that I could only think that this man was professionally trained in violence. His right arm shot backwards and caught the yob behind him in his chest, so hard that he fell back into his chair clutching his chest and gasping for breath. I a blink, his right arm now thrust towards the yob in front of him and down over at the same time hitting the yobo so hard that I swear I heard something crack. The yobo fell Back into his chair dazed or unconscious, I could not tell. The 2 others sitting beside the wall, shrank back with their arms outstretched saying “no trouble mate, not trouble”

“Beat it” the Geordie told them “and take these tossers” with you.

He looked at me and smiling only from his eyes said “sorry about that flower, are you ok now?” and without waiting for a reply sat back down at his table.

I got up, went over, excused myself and asked him if I could join him as I really did hate eating alone. He looked up at me, took a little time to mull over my question and nodded saying “yes, that would be nice”

It was during the meal that I ascertained his age, and recounted my reason for being there.

I asked him what he was doing here, taking it for granted that he didn’t live local with his dialect. “Business” he said “what business” I asked, “oh just business” he said, his tone was friendly enough, but I felt it wiser not to push this question further. What was his name? Maxstead will do he told me, I asked if that was his first or last name, Yes, was all he said.

I told him I was staying at the Ibis Hotel, “snap” he smiled again

We finished the meal and the owner would take no money, and thanked the Geordie for ridding him of those yobs.

When we arrived back at the hotel I told him as we were both on our own, could I buy him a drink at the pub opposite and so we went in for a couple and made our way back about 10 pm.

We were both on the same floor, only a few doors away and as we passed mine, I asked him in for coffee. I don’t know what had got into me, I wanted this man.

“there’s a bottle of red in my room” he said. I told him to get it and come back.

We sat chatting, or at least I did, then I simply kissed him. I don’t know how, there was no tearing at each others clothes, but suddenly we were naked, I wasn’t in the mood for foreplay, and I just pulled him o top of me. He was a gentled and skilled lover and I kept thinking, “I’m unfaithful, this man is inside me, I’ve let this man inside me, I’m committing adultery”, and I loved it.

The seagulls flew, waves crashed on the beach, everything was like in the movies, only it wasn’t a movie, it was real, and I was being unfaithful with a man I’d not met before, and I was in heaven. I orgasmed twice before he did and we lay together for a while and drank more red wine. I noticed two strange round scars on his left shoulder and remarked that they looked like bullet wounds, I’d seen some in a book my husband once read and said so.

“Do they now” is all he answered

He also has two or three other long scars, I imagined to be cuts of some kind or another, but he refused to be drawn once more.

We made love another time, with even more passion. He said that it was time to go, and kissed me. I told him there was no need to go, stay with me I pleaded.

We made love again and again and finally fell asleep around 3 am.

We made love again as we awoke and again as we showered.

We dressed, packed and ate breakfast said our farewells. He went east to join the road north, and I went west to join the M1. I felt sick at having to leave, I cried for miles, wanting this man again, knowing I’ll never see him ever.

I arrived home, Gareth hugged and kissed me and we’ve made love each night since my return, but I’m not making love to Gareth, each time we do, I’m back in the Ibis hotel with the mysterious Geodie.

I apologise to all who read this, as I know it hasn’t the sexy details of the other stories I’ve read on here, but I’m not a sex writer, but I needed to tell someone this before I went mad.

Thank you all who had endured this to the end and I’m sorry for any disappointment you have, having read to the end but that is how it happened, my only excursion into unfaithfulness.