Written by M

23 Mar 2008

When I was up in N Wales for a while, I had heard rumours of an industrial estate being an up and coming hot spot for dogging. I had a drive round there on a number of occasions and there were plenty of cars full of sngle guys looking for other men (that\'s another story.) On one night, I happend to drive down one of the backroads leading to the estate and noticed people carrier that had an internal light on, i went round again and pulled up behind it. I couldn;t see anyone in the vehicle but from the the light of my headlights i could see it going up and down, i could feel myself starting to get hard, i unbuttoned the top button of my jeans and stroked myself until i was fully erect. I walked towards the vehicle and on looking in the rear window i could see all the back seats had been taken out, i could see a man of approx 40, he was looking at me and nodded, looking into the van i could see that there was woman, fairly attractive, slim with average sized tits infront of him onm her back, he smiled as he pushed his cock into her.

I went to the side door, by this time he had turned round, he was kneeling inside the side door and the woman was infront of him sucking his cock. By this time i could hear my heart beating with excitement. he openend the window and reached for my cock, his hands felt rough as he started to wank me. He then asked \" do you want me to suck you\" not really having much bi experience i said no, he then said \" do you want her?\" i nodded and he opened the door and i hopped in. i pulled my jeand down and before i had chance to say anything i could feel a smaller, warm, smooth skinned hand wrap round my cock and pull up and down. My cock was aching desperate to cum. Lights then started coing down the road, being my first time dogging I wasn\'t sure what t do which obviously showed as my cock instantly deflated. The couple who were in the vehicle also appeared nervous, turned off the inside light and crouched down until the car had gone past. As soon as it had gone, i could feel the hand back around my cock wanking me till i was hard.

I was then asked \"do you want to fuck her\", there was no need to ask twice, yes i said eagerly. He handed me a condom telling me to put it on, his wife/girlfriend then lay on the floor of the car, legs wide open, she was wearing black stockings, a black skirt that had been pulled up round her waist, her top was down round her waist and her tits were out above her bra.

he still had her thong on which had been pulled to one side, i sould see her pussy glistening in the dull street light, it was soaking and very inviting, i could also smell that she was very excited, i moved forward and pushed my cock into her wet pussy, altough it was not totally shaven, it was trimmed very tidily and i couldnt wait to pound it. As i pushed into her her partner reached down to feel my cock sliding into her, looking at him, he was loving the sight which seemed to make her more excited. He positioned himslef infront of her head and dhe greedily took the length of his hard cock into her mouth sucking and licking like she couldn\'t get enough, as i was sliding in and out of her i could hear muffled groans between the mouthful of cock she was having.

I continued to fuck her, her groaning more as i pushed into her soaking pussy, her hot wet lips stretching around my rigid cock. I leant foward and using my tounge flicked her nipples before teasingly sucking them. I could feel myself building so pushed her legs back and fucked her hard pushing inti her as deep as i could, the noise getting louder as her pussy started to run like niagra falls. What a sight infrint of me, my cock buried deep in her sopping pussy whils her mouth was full of cock, i started to moan, she realised i was about to come, turned to be looked me in the eye gave me a horny smile then turned back and frantically sucked at the cock she had been working on. I shot my load, her parther then turned to me and said \"did you enjoy? we did\".

i pulled my jeans up and made an exit, a couple of weeks later i went back and they were there again but were just leaving so either they had no joy or some other lucky guy got there before me. After that I never saw them again but it definately gave me a taste for dogging.