Written by eve

17 Mar 2006

I met my now husband when I was 20 and had up until then only had a snog with one bloke who groped my tits with a desperation I'd never known before. My nipples are extremely sensitive and hence he made me cum, but it didn't go any further. Needless to say when I met the man in my life I didn't have much experience to go from! The first time we did anything more than just snogging I did my best to hide the panic, I and read lots of stuff about men liking hand jobs, and blow jobs and also asked a friend about how to do it. Me fella seemed to enjoy the new things I was trying on him and a few times he did say "you haven't slept with anyone before have you?" and I always said yes I had, anyway eventually I felt ready for my 1st time and my sexy man had said one weekend, tonight's the night! I went out with my mates and drank as much as I could without not knowing what I was doing but enough to calm the nerves. We drove out in his car to a quiet place and got into the back of the car, the kissing already made me want to cum coz the anticipation was crazy! Finally he lifted my skirt up, pushed my knickers to the side and eased his huge, wide throbbing cock into me, I had expected it to hurt but it was out of this world! He gently fucked me till I had had several multiple orgasms and was praying for mercy, I then felt this aching throbbing inside me and he emptied his load. My first time is something I remember as life changing as I had missed out on so much pleasure being a 21 year old virgin. The sex we have had since is nothing short of amazing, we have made home movies, use different vibrating toys and have just the best sex ever. Now the only thing I haven't done which I am desperate to experience is some oral fun with a woman!