Written by Kirsty

20 Nov 2003

This really happened two years ago, my mate was pregant by a guy who dumped her. she was really low and as much as she tried to hide the fact her stomach was getting fat, she couldnt get a man to fuck her.

We went out all the time but by the time Manda was 7 months she was getting big, men would come over and touch her stomach and some said they fantasied about pregnant womens tits, but that was it.

So one night we went back to Mandas flat and she was really down, she told me she was fedup of fucking her vibrator and could I do something for her instead, I thought she menat me find someone to fuck her, she didnt mean that she actually meant me please her.

I loved Manda and she was stunning, with long wavy hair and as much as she was pregant she was still fit, she took of her jumper and her bra and sat with her large heavy tits in her hands, they were massive and full of milk, she had big tits anyway but they were still firm. I felt sorry for her so we ended up lieing on her bed together, she told me she was horny and needed relieving. So I thought its not the first time ive fucked with a girl, by the way Manda was 18 and so was I.

I stripped of and lay naked she felt my tits and then rubbed my pussy, she had never touched a girl before. We kissed and felt each others tits I sucked her nipples gently and could taste milk it was so sweet, she then opened her legs and gave me her vibrator, I went down below and gently pushed the long rubber in her gaping pussy she was in ectasy she then lay on her side and I turned the vibrator on and rubbed it all over her pussy she was groaning and touching her tits, she then knelt over me and fingered my pussy and licked me, she was really excited and so was I. We played with each other for an hour until we both reached orgasms.

I never got chance to sleep with Manda again but we often talk about the night we fucked each other.