Written by me

22 Sep 2004

This happened yesterday and I just have to tell you swingers im a asian lad aged 20 in Manchester northwest and have been doing some naughty fun which no one knows about, having sex with older men which I really enjoy, anyway my parents think I work all night and come from a strict background anyway I was feeling all horny all day and wanting some cock , so I decided to go on the net were I found a 54yr old man who was willing to meet me in a secluded area in ramsbottom we decided to meet and exchanged numbers , I told my parents I was off to work but had rang in and with a excuse. Anyway I got out and we were meant to be meeting at 10pm in a car park I got there without knowing who I was going to meet how he looked all nervous I was near a tree when I saw a car park up just in front of me, out he came tall and fit good looking for a man of that age, we introduced each other and sat in his jeep started talking at the back, we began to get closer and me more nervous, he says lie back he had the seats flat so I did he began to touch me and take his shirt off he had a great body I got up and took my clothes off which he enjoyed , he stripped aswell so both of us just looking at each other he began kissing me and fingering which I enjoyed as I lied down he put his legs towards my face his cock dangling down and began to suck me as I fingered him from behind I began to suck his large cock which I enjoyed I could taste his pre cum so I sucked harder seconds later it shot out like a bullet down my throat which I had to swallow I shot my load which adam swallowed he turned me round and shoved his cock inside me which was painful at start but as he got going it was great he cummed in my ass , and carried on fucking me for a while , then it was my turn which I took it slow then hard I was out of energy and we laid in the back of his car for around 20mns and talking and kissing , I got erect again and he noticed he made me wank with the cum going in his mouth, as he got another erection he made me suck him and said all sorts of dirty things to me which I was enjoying he cummed and I swallowed, we cleaned up and decided to meet again, but im open to many more offers from any hunky older males in Manchester northwest pls.