Written by Ric hard

16 Mar 2006

My wife had long fantasised about a young Doctor who joined our practice.She carried this obsession for several years,my wife is in her mid forties and very fuckable.She decided she wanted to do something about this doctor she had the hots for...whether it be an examination for "woman trouble" or an all out seduction in the surgery.She made an appointment..two weeks in advance as he is very popular...probably with lots of ladies.She had me shave her fanny totally and bought some sexy new underwear...she looked hot in it.She left home to go for her appointment and left me with a hard on thinking about what she was up to...she didn't even know if the doctor would take the bait.Anyway she arrived at the surgery and waited her turn until she was called...the doctor asked her what the problem was and she bottled out and said she had recurring headaches,he checked out her eyes and blood pressure and said they were fine..he then looked at her file and said it was a while since she last had a full check up and would she like one now....this was it...the moment had arrived.He asked her to remove her clothes from her bottom half and get up on the table...by now my wife was very moist and could feel her juices bubbling around in her pussy...she hoped he was going to notice this too.Here she was naked from the waist down with a man that she only had to think about to get her moist,with only a sheet covering her modesty.He switched on the exam lamp and proceeded to feel all around her tummy and hips...he then slowly moved the sheet down and revealed her shaved pussy...he was taken aback at this and commented how healthy it was...he asked her to pull her feet up to her bottom and drop her knees apart to examine her vagina...she felt as if she was about to come on the table...he started to realise this and asked if he would carry on without gloves on and commented he would not need ky jelly to lubricate her.He slipped an ungloved finger into her pussy and immediately she was pushing her pelvis up to meet it...my wife could see the doctor had a bulge in his trousers...this made her even hornier.He then said he would do a rectal exam as well and slipped a finger up her arse.....this sent her over the top and she came over his hand,she then asked him if there was anything she could do for him and rubbed the front of his trousers...he blushed and asked her to remove her bra while he examined her tits...this was what she had hoped for,totally naked with her doctor.She lay back to have her tits examined and reached out for the doctor's belt and flies and undid them,he protested but not too much as she slid off the examination table to her knees and took his swollen knob in her mouth,she sucked hard as she cupped his balls in her hand...she could feel he was ready to come but she wanted to feel his cock deep inside her before he shot his load so she got back on the table and told him to fuck her,he was now too far gone to turn back or complain so he complied with her wishes and fucked her.She wanted his cum in her mouth and he duly obliged by pulling out and letting her have it,she swallowed it greedily.He was so embarrassed by all of this but my wife told him not to worry it was their secret.They dressed and my wife left and came home to tell me all about it and get fucked and licked all over again,we relive this event often when we are in bed.I have been to see the same doctor and gave him a knowing glance but he kept his head down.I can hardly wait for my wife's next check up.....