Written by JP

7 Aug 2019

Some 40 years ago I shared a flat with a woman friend. It was purely platonic and lasted for about a year before I moved into a flat on my own. She used to share with a friend who was dating my flatmate so when they decided to live together it made sense to swap flatmates. As I said, it was purely platonic and she never showed any signs of wanting to change that, which was a pity because she was gorgeous. Her nickname was Purdey after the Joanna Lumley character in the New Avengers and she had a succession of boyfriends, many of them pretty wealthy and often, if she needed something like, say, a mechanic for her car, she had her own special way of paying for their services! I recall that we were in the flat chatting one evening and somehow - I've no idea what we were discussing - she mentioned that I needed to rub the shampoo over my hands before applying it to my hair so that it went further. A strange comment and I never really thought any more about it until the penny dropped a few days later.

The bathroom and her bedroom were adjacent with a part studded wall and part glass partition. The glass had been painted over by the landlady so as to provide privacy in the bathroom. When she was out one day I went into her room and realised that she had scratched away some of the paint and could see directly into the shower area of the bathroom. Armed with this knowledge, and still not getting anywhere at extending our relationship beyond the platonic, I thought I'd have a bit of fun with her. From then on, whenever I knew she was in her room and I was in the shower I would play with myself. I had to make it look as though I had no idea she was watching so very often I would have a wank with my back to her, but more usually I would face her as I played with my foreskin and balls, stringing things out as long as I could before exploding cum in her direction.

On one occasion, my then girlfriend had stayed overnight and we (or more accurately I) decided we should shower together. This was brilliant and I put on a bit of a show, soaping her breasts slowly, playing with her nipples and finger fucking her whilst rubbing her clit with my thumb. I dropped to my knees and tongued her to a massive orgasm before turning her round and shagging her as she leant against the wall. I finished by pulling out and her giving me a blowjob - still not that common in those days, but she was a few years older than me and her ex husband had been a dirty bastard so nothing really fazed her. Strangely enough, as we left the bathroom together we bumped into my flatmate who had timed the departure from her bedroom to perfection so as to meet us as we left. I was so tempted to say something, but that would have spoiled my fun and I didn't want to let her know that I knew what she was up to.

This continued for a few more months until I moved out and to this day I have never told her that I knew - although she possibly suspected as I got more and more outrageous in the shower. I'd not seen her for many years and bumped into her recently. Sadly the years have not been overly kind - too much sun - but I still remember the gorgeous Purdey and how hard my cock used to get at the thought that she was watching me as I had a wank. Happy days!