Written by Angela

21 Dec 2003

Hi, my name is Angela, i am 33 and am married with one young child. I have shoulder length straight dark hair and am a size 16, with 38 c boobs.

I went out on a xmas party last night, my husband dropped me off and i was to share a taxi home with some of the other girls.

I have never cheated on my husband until last night and boy did i enjoy it !! We all went to a chinese resturant for a meal but there was also a disco going on downstairs which we all went to after the meal.

My friend and i got chatting to two young lads at the bar and yes we were flirting like mad. I know her reputation and thought that she would end up shagging one of them, but didn't think that i would.

I started to flirt like mad with Andy and stated kissing him. I could feel his hands on my bum and was getting very turned on so i started pushing myself against him and could feel his erection straining against the thin material of his trousers. I was getting so wet and turned on when he whispered to me that he would love to take advantage of me !! my heart was pounding and i knew i was going to let him.

I undid a button on my blouse so he could see more of my cleavage and then he started to strok my tits and pinch my nipples, my god it sent electric shocks to my fanny !!

Andy asked me to go to his house that was about 5 mins away and i said yes. We ordered a taxi and when we got into his house went straight to the bebroom.

We started kissing and he was squeezing my tits, he took off my blouse and bra and sucked my nipples. His hand then went up my skirt and he was stroking my fanny which was by now sopping !!

I spread my legs wide for him and he slipped his finger under my knickers and into my fanny, that was it, i started tearing his clothes off and released his cock. I sank to my knees and sucked it for all i was worth - i felt like such a slut, but loved it!!

He pulled me off his cock and removed his and then my clothes, threw me on to the bed and slid his hard cock into me, he fucked me so hard, that i screamed, and all the time he was telling me what a naughty girl i was letting him fuck me while my husband was waiting for me at home !! This just made me more horny and i begged him to come, shouting at him to spunk up me.

He pulled his cock out and then licked my clit making me come immediately and then slammed his cock back in and spunked up me.

We both collapsed on the bed. I said that i had to get home, so Andy called me a taxi while i got dressed and sorted my make up, my fanny was oozing spunk !!

My taxi arrived and i gave him a kiss and then left. When i got home my husband asked me if i had had a good time i said yes it was good, he then said "come to bed i want to screw you, you look so sexy".

We went upstairs and i had to go into the bathroom and wipe some of Andy's spunk away or he would of known what i had done.

We got into bed and he slid between my legs and licked me before fucking me and adding his come to Andy's. He said that i was very wet and must of been very horny. i said that i was and thanked him for the fuck telling him that he was fab, which he is !!

I went to sleep with a big smile on my face and a sloppy fanny thinking over and over about the evening, yes, i had been a very naughty girl.

I am thinking of telling my husband that i would like to try a threesome as he is always going on about it being one of his most horny fantasies, and last nights episode has just made me think that it is also one of mine !!

Please write and tell me what you all think of my story, and if i should approch my hubby about the threesome.

Love Angela xx