Written by Chas and Helen

17 Jun 2010

We have just got back from Spain after a weeks sunshine. I broke my arm 3 weeks ago and had been feeling a bit low when my wife Helen suggested we use her sister's in-laws apartment in the Costa del Sol for a break to cheer me up. Helen is 48, 5 foot 8, has a 40dd bust, a bit of a belly, shapely legs and a smooth shavn pussy. Whenever we have been on holiday anywhere sunny,Helen has always gone topless but never completely stripped off.

We arrived late Sunday afternoon. Settled into the apartment and went for a evening meal and a few drinks. Next morning we had breakfast and headed for the beach just down the road. We had been a few times before to Cabopino, but had never gone to the nudist part. Helen never wanted even to walk and see the 'sights'with me. Helen asked me if I wanted to go to the area were people went naked. She said she would only go topless while I went nude. We walked along and came to a raised area of dunes. We clambered up and found a nice area. We unpacked our bags, laid our towels out and with Helen's assitence I stripped off. I was standing there naked as Helen took her beach dress off. She had no bikini top on and her boobs looked great. I looked downand she had a string thong on. A small triangle at the front and a thin string around her waist and down around thru her bum cheeks. My prick strted to swell. I told her she was nearly naked, she said she felt comfortable exposing her bum but not her pussy for all to see. The day went well with us laying in the sun and swimming in the sea. There were quite a few couples around us all naked. We had a few leachers walk by and sit close waiting to see action. I mentioned it to Helen and she would turn over on her stomach and keep her legs together. I did notice thet the young couple next to us did a lot of touching of each others bodies, especially when they applied sun tan oil to each other. Helen did sit up on one occassion to see the girl massage the blokes prick with oil making it erect. Helen asked if I wanted to have sun tan cream rubbed on me as I only had one hand to use. I told her yes, but she made me lay down on the towel and rub the cream on me making my prick stiff when she massaged my prick and balls with cream. We left the beach with me only ever getting a stiff prick. That night we had great sex. For the next couple of days we followed the same routine at the same place.

On the fourth day we got to the beach early and wandered a bit further along and came to some very secluded dunes. We got in one and found we could not be seen from above, just from one side and partly from the beach. I stripped off and Helen got down to her thong. I went down to the sea and as I walked back I told Helen there was no one walking along and told her to strip and join me on the beach to feel the air and sun completely naked. She hesitated, had a quick look and then took her thong off. She walked down, but as the dune was high up as she did she had to run a bit causing her tits to wobble. The sight of her naked was to much and my prick went stiff. She joined me and we walked to the sea edge. We had a paddle and walked back to the dune. We got back and my prick was still stiff. I stood there and suddenly Helen dropped to her kness and took me in her mouth and sucked away on my prick. I asked her if I could fuck her. She then got on all fours and told me to be quick before anyone came along. I got behind her and entered her and fuck her doggy style. She was enjoying it. I asked hee if she liked being fucked on the beach. She told me she did and was near to coming. I looked up and saw a bloke standing about 8 foot away in the dune next to us, watching us fuck. He was wanking his prick. I told Helen. She looked up, but told me not to stop as she was coming. She came with a moan and then I came up her. I withdrew, Helen then rolled onto her back and told me that she had a very intense orgasm, but had to now go down to the sea and wash out my deposit. We walked down to the sea and Helen went in up to her waist and washed out my spunk. As we walked back we saw the bloke still standing there with his erection. During the day Helen did not put her thong back on, but did give anyone who clambered up to walk by a good view of her spread legs showing off her smooth pussy. When we got back tothe aprtment I asked what had come over her and she thought it was a combination of the sun and air on her naked body. I will continue with the last couple of days expoilts later.