Written by Jay

21 Feb 2005

Must tell about an affair I had some years back .I first saw Sandie at a meeting,all very formal,but she looked wonderful,especially her strong dancers legs, which I always have been drawn to, especially on a mature woman,Sandie must have been late thirties.I got talking to her after the meeting and found out that she was married,but seemed happy to chat and flirt. Next day I rang her and again,she said that was not possible.Istopped the car and told her the effect she had on me and I tried to kiss her. She pulled away looking frightened, but in the end agreed to a lunch time meeting the next day.

As it was summer,I coolected things for a picnic.Sandy was much more relaxed and let me kiss her and she kissed back.

Several dates later I took her out for a whole day and eveningand took her to my place at the end of the day.

Once in doors Sandie let me undress her,except for her knickers,which she insisted on keeping on in case she got pregnant,she was not on the pill.I stripped right off and lay on the bed with Sandie next to me.She loved everthingI did which wasn't much Eventually I was on my back with Sandie astride me,still withbher knickers on.She lowered herself down so she could feel me through her knickers.I begged her to take her knickers off,so that I could just touch her fanny with my prick,she agreed.Once astride me again I started to kiss her hard and Sandy lost control and I felt her lower herself on to me.Staight away she got off scared of getting pregnant I rolled Sandie off me and kneeling on the floor,parted her legs and working from her breasts moved slowly down to her fanny kissing all the way.The effect was electric.Sandie heaved and bucked and totally lost her self.It turnned out that it had been her first orgasm ever.

She was a changed woman after that.Slowly the dresses and skirts got shorter,then hold ups,then no bra,then no knickers when we went out.In wine bars she would undo buttons so her breasts were visible and if we were sitting at a table she would slip her skirt off and sit in just hold ups shoes and a loose top.We wuold go to cinemas and she would just have a raincoat on,which was undone once inside.

Her attitude in bed was just as different.Her favourite request in bed was "Kiss my cunt" and totally out of the blue when we managed to get away for a weekend she was lying face down next to me and I sked her what would she like her reply was 'Fuck my arse" charming for a magistrate.Needless to say she got her wish and regulary after that.

Her final moves towards total liberation were letting me shave her smooth so that her very large lips were fully exposed and then she had a tatoo on her back as a birthday present for me.

Ten fantastic years we had together I have never known and am unlikely to know a sexier woman.The end came when I insisted making an honest woman of her and she refused because I didn't earn enough to keep her in her life style.

I ring her from time to time and we have telephone sex with Sandie stripping off and rubbing herself till she comes.