Written by mark

27 Aug 2004

it was the usual friday night and my girlfriend was getting ready to go out on a girls night out at about half 7 the phone rang it was her mother she had an argument with her husband and asked if she could spend the night at our house

my gf said no problem but explained she was going out for the night and wont be home till late but that i was in all night so she could moan and whinge at me

i got the job of going to pick her up and it was no end of cursing and swearing on the journey home and by that time she had calmed down a bit and as she got out of the car i jokingly said i know what you need and smiled at her

she looked back at me with what i thought was disgust and hoped she wouldnt tell my gf what i had just said

but the taxi drew up outside just after us and my gf came out of the door and said hi mum im going out ill see you later or in the morning

her mum said take your time have fun and we went in

and i put kettle on and was stared at all the time i was making a brew

then she got up and said ill run you a bath and she went upstairs i wondered where she got the idea i needed a bath cos i was clean

she came down after a while and said your baths ready so not one to waste water i went in

after a few mins i could hear footsteps on the stairs and began to shake slightly with anticipation but she went into the bedroom so i carried on

then all of a sudden in she came wrapped in a towel and slowly dropped it to the floor i was shaking so much it felt like a jaccusi but my cock was getting hard knowing that she wanted it and she had a great body for a 60 year old

she got into the bath and immediately grabbed my cock in her hand and lowered her head down with her eyes fixed on mine she licked the soap sudds off the end like a big red light sticking out of the snow she then took the head between her lips and impaled her mouth on my solid cock i could feel it hitting the back of her throat time and time again she grabbed my balls and squeezed gently i was about to explode into her mouth but pulled her away saying not yet itll be a waste so we quickly got out of the bath and went to the bedroom

she pushed me on my back on the bed and got to work again deepthroating me very quickly i couldnt controll any longer and shot wads of my juice deep in her mouth and throat she groaned with pleasure as the last drop hit her tongue

i just lay there in a daze as to what had just happened but she wasnt finished yet she spat my juices onto my chest and started moving them about with her tongue and lips then with one big suck they were back in her mouth and she gulped the lot down

i was in shock by this time my legs wouldnt work but she wanted more

she then straddled me and moved up so that she was sat on my face and i started licking and sucking her 60 year old clit for all i was worth after a while she began to shake and with a loud scream she came like a man there was juices flowing everywhere over my face and in my eyes it was wonderfull

she looked at me and said my daughter is right you are good at licking now lets see if shes right about the way you fuck

with that her head was back on my soft cock but it was hard in seconds and she jumped ontop of me and guided it in slowly to her soaking wet pussy and started jumping up and down like a mad person on speed

after a few minuits trying not to laugh i told her to get on her back and we would do it properly she then lay down and said well come on then i want your cock inside me now

i got ontop of her and teased her by rubbing my bell end on her clit and i slowly eased my cock into her pussy when she reached around and dug her nails straight into my arse cheeks i thrusted forward hard and she let out a moan so i just rammed her hard and fast till i could feel the build up again i was just about to cum and somehow she moved so once again my cock was down her throat and i filled her up again this time half way through she pulled my cock out and i spurted what was left over her face which she loved

then she came to kiss me which i didnt mind and as we kissed i could feel her spitting my cum into my mouth which i hadnt experienced before but i enjoyed it we passed it between us for a while untill it was dripping down both our chins and we set to work cleaning each other up with our tongues and swallowing the cum as we went then we both got back in the bath to wash off

im waiting for the next encounter so ill keep you posted

who said mother in laws were good for nothing