Written by Rhino

18 Apr 2006

This is a true story that happened to me when i was 20. I used to live with my parents and was lucky enough to have sexy neighbours on both sides of our house. This is the story of how i became a lot more aware of the female brain. Our houses were not big houses and you could easily see in the back gardens of each others from the back bedroom. I would look forward to the summer as both neighbours would sunbathe in skimpy bikini's. One day the neighbour i will call gillian from now on was sitting at her patio table, she had come home from work in her lunch hour & was still in her work clothes. I noticed how sexy she looked in her tight top and short skirt and was quite enjoying looking at her. After a few minutes she looked up and smiled and got up & moved out of view. I assumed that her husband had arrived home as she didn't return to the patio. About 45 mins later i was going out of my front door when i noticed a white transit van parked across gillians drive. I couldn't see gillians car & so i went round the back of gillians house to see if i could see anything. To my suprise there was Gillian up against the wall in their back garden with this younger builder up against her, gillians short skirt was riding up & it was quite obvious what waas going on. I made a quick exit but not before gillian could see me. I was quite embarrased and didn't say anything. A few days later after keeping the story to myself i bumped into gillian at the front of our houses and she asked me if i could pop round as she felt she had to explain herself. I was reluctant but went anyways. I knocked on her back door and she answered in her usual work clothes of a short skirt & tight top. I thought she looked amazing and i immediately felt embarrased, she invited me in offered me a seat and asked me to keep what i had seen to myself. I said i would & that i didn't want anything to do with what had been going on. Gillian thanked me and i got up, as i stood up it was quite obvious that i was enjoying Gillians company and she noticed this aswell. She put her hand on my shoulder and i turned and she kissed me, & placed her hand down below. I was extremely hard and she unzipped my jeans slid my jeans down and wanked me off. I came pretty quickly as i was really turned on. I pulled my jeans up & left pretty quickly. I thought that was the end of it i never mentioned it again & a few years later my parents moved. On the day we moved i was at the house alone waiting for my parents to return when Gillian came round, she had hoped to say goodbye to my parents but as they weren't there she just left a message with me. As she was leaving i called her back and thanked her for the most amazing 10 minutes of my life she just smiled, pushed me onto the stairs and seduced me. Ihaven't seen her to talk to since but i did see her pass whilst i was i a shop in our local town and despite the fact that she is now in her 50s she still looked absolutely stunning